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  1. Try not connect to wifi before it asks for that.
  2. Yeah, you can flash BB72 20S. You didn't need to format the whole phone, never mess with IMEI... If you have a IMEI backup, well find a way to put it back. I never lost mine, so i don't know how to do it. But next time, don't format the whole phone. You just need to backup with Titanium and then copy the entire internal storage folder to computer to backup the entire phone.
  3. You probably had something CPU intensive running on the background.
  4. As Kurgy said, but don't forget to backup first of course.
  5. Go to Settings > Dual SIm & mobile networks > Data management > connections control and make sure the apps are allowed to use data connection. Also on Settings > Dual SIm & mobile networks > Data management > Asterisk on right top corner, make sure you don't have checks on limit data usage, etc.
  6. Still amazing how they went so unthoughtful on new business adventures.
  7. Guys, my Le 2 screen cracked right on the proximity sensor, so now pocket mode is always enabled and i can't do anything. I can't reach Settings. Is there any other way to disable pocket mode via TWRP with a zip file or editing some file? EDIT: I fixed this by rebooting by long pressing the power button, pocket mode wasn't activated after reboot, so i went to Settings and disabled it for good.
  8. What settings did you change? Anyway, seems like you have 4G, so you have data connection, however on DNS it says " not allowed", so maybe that's the thing you changed? Anyway, you can use google's free DNS server Otherwise, better reinstall the ROM, you can reinstall without erasing anything. Just reinstall over it.
  9. Ok, so i have been using this ROM for some time now. In terms of battery this may be the best one. Actually, this may be the best ROM in all departments. So far, other than reseting the USB debugging setting once in a while, it's the best. I can't find any significant problem with it. I used BB72 20S before, battery was way worse. Haven't done any benchmarks as i'm no antutu monkey
  10. You may want to confirm USB debugging is really disabled, because on my phone the yellow bar showed up after a reboot, even tough i had USB debugging disabled, or so i thought... I went to developer settings to disable the window animations as i always do and guess what! USB Debugging was enabled! Some settings there, go back to original value sometimes.
  11. "Me too". Installed a custom 23s ROM and have this very problem as well... Edit: i installed open gapps arm64 6.0 nano in TWRP and now gapps work great! Had to reinstall Keep but ok now. For some reason when trying to get gapps to work before this, on app management, permissions were not there for whatever app, now it's there again. Using some chinese custom rom 23s.