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  1. Can you implement Leeco stock music player, mainland China region version and stock camera to miui? That would be nice.
  2. There is no special rom for this device. It comes with EUI.
  3. Security patch is from last century. After flashing tons of roms a figured out, eui is better then every other rom, because u got no bugs. Contra, no security updates.
  4. If you use here we go maps, gps will fix in the same time the app is open. Its the fastest way to get GPS with stock Rom.
  5. Also disable all location permissions except the ones you really use. For me it's just map apps.
  6. Disable align wake up restart. or download "here we go maps" from appstore. GPS is working fine. For a better battery performance. Disable all notifications, which are not needed. I just got what's app, messages, clock and calender enabled. Also disable unwanted autostart apps. I just got what's app enabled. No problems with notifications so far.
  7. At least only 15 background process running with 50 installed apps. If I uninstall Chinese app store too, maybe battery life will improve a Lil bit more. will test it
  8. On first start it looks like galaxy s, holo launcher integrated, you can change it via leeco theme store. It's working with leeco theme store. Galaxy boot logo is integrated. The Rom comes nearby debloated. 3 apps (360 browser etc) you can uninstall manually. the other Chinese apps like I fly etc, you uninstall using titanium, after installing gapps. I've installed all needed Google files one by one. I'm using this rom daily. It's very fast, the battery life is very good.
  9. is there a limit on mobile uncle downloads? im unable to see the link for the IDM. only baidu link, and i cant register for baidu. yesterday it was working... hmmmm
  10. Ich gehe nur Sojasauce vorbei