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  1. There is nothing delivered by Ota the last 3 months. I think it's still beta.
  2. There is no official stable 26s BTW So what the heck is this? Beta?
  3. i dont know if it makes a difference of general use. i choose everytime mainland china, so im able to download all kind of free music with the stock music player. thats the biggest benefit for me with this device. when i choose other countries there is no way to download music
  4. just one question off topic. which region do you guys choose in this rom? mainland china or other countries?
  5. After re-flashing rom printing services are working now. But UID_39999 still apears with full charged battery. Never saw this before or battery/app optimations in usage stats. Maybe its new to in EUI 23s ? I dunno what this is.
  6. also unable to enable hp-printing services FC. and there is another thing, in battery usage is one entry called UID_39999 dont know what this is
  7. Yeah what happened to bshuy? I call the cops right now.
  8. APN cant be erased. Its part of your sim card. All new sim cards got this feature. Maybe you can link us The original source of this Rom. That would be nice.
  9. I have dropped my Leeco 2 times from about 1 meter to the ground. Nothing happened. Just two scratches/dent in the corners. You really have no luck. Hope you will fix it soon.
  10. Try this pixel launcher. 6P_PixelLauncher_Perfected_v2.0_5x6HomeScreen_TransAppDrawer.zip
  11. You need to swipe the dialer to the home screen. Its workin. @Kangburra