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  1. For me the Pixel launcher is much better than Nova, using it in the 23s right now.
  2. HE should work on V5, V4 is obsolete whenever it will be published.
  3. Everything 100% now.... Even Nova does not look so bad....
  4. Si, parece que fue la culpa del TWRP abuelito. Yes, seems to be caused by the old TWRP. Now it´s booting with the spanisch Boot Screen.
  5. I´ve been in Boot Loop after installing, maybe it is caused by an old TWRP, will try to flash a new TWRP first and reinstall the ROM
  6. Here´s a new MIUI ROM from WAZL, installed it a few hours ago and everything is working till now, Gapps installation with the .exe mentioned here in the forum in other MIUI Threads. Everything is working, both Cameras after installing gapps still working. MIUI is multi Language. http://bbs.ydss.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1007859&extra=page%3D1%26filter%3Dtypeid%26typeid%3D3357 Patch is from 05. February 2017 Features: ROM introduction -------------------------------------------------- -------- MIUI8 stable version Synchronize update kernel advanced settings to the latest version Added post-boot visual optimization New addition and unloading Improve awakening New goggles The default king glory high frame rate, Senate not card Replace kernel parameters Advanced settings to optimize the new brush more exciting experience Increase the CPU more custom content Meizu Floating Ball: Down Open the status bar / left and right to open the taskbar / slide back to the desktop, other features in the development ..... Supports infrared Add electricity calibration Added xposed advanced settings Modify the king of glory the number of core to increase the speed of operation, group war is not card! The current test does not play the game, you can use edge edge, but the power consumption of a huge program, the third party rom is still output fatigue, can not do bright screen fast charge Foreigners: less garbage code, high memory footprint, strong framework optimization, other simpler Simple and comfortable is not cumbersome enough Xscreen Optional whether to install Exclusive music camera Optimize the wake-up situation Other bugs will continue under your feedback and will not be briefly repaired ---------- Personal Update ----------------- By: days line yc card card sister I participated in transplant tracking repair! Prohibited to pack, ban Pirates of the package, and now we can at a glance! Increase the temperature control support, the game can be removed temperature control, do not play the game when the situation recovery New game mode A key to uninstall the mechanism of error, please go to priv-app inside the promotion, very easy to find XPOSED patch: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1o8yg458 System is not how to streamline the use of more perfect The king of the glory of the secret: 1 advanced settings to modify the model for the MI5 king glory can open a high frame rate 2 core full open ride it Using supersu authorization Once found to extract the use of this advanced content, will be investigated: Viper sound effects Multi-animation elements Shake / slide / double click the status bar lock screen and other definitions Cpu set new performance mode, support manual control core! Support boot from Kai! Do not allow the use of theft! Go to minimalist Release the third-party program on the sd card write limit The subject is free to use Screen assistant, support screenshots Freeze, uninstall any use LCD global resize MIUI features switch: desktop layout, time center, key location and so on WiFi password view CPU active control Increase millet store recovery, please restore in other additional settings, manual restart effective ________________________ Battery seems to be very good, almost nothing in standby. Uploading right now to Mega, 3h left to finish. Will publish Link asap
  7. V4 Update is running very bad, random Reboots. Don´t know if V5 is better but normally all the "classic" Versions from this Dev have huge bugs.
  8. There´s a new MIUI from Wazl, don´t know if multi, but I don´t think so. Will try it and comment here.
  9. Lineage

    I think we`ll also get it with MIUI 9 from some chinese Devs, if they got an update for the Xiaomi NOTE 4
  10. I´ve got random Reboots with that ROM, had that many times with the "classic" Versions of this Dev.
  11. Used it for a few days now but Android OS is running at 30% all the time, seem to discharge the Battery