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  1. Google Installer for me like butter, clicking Start in Google Installer and 3...2....1.. complete without any problems, Battery seems to be ok now after a few hours of use. No drain at all. Tested Stagefright Detector, no issues at all.
  2. The easiest way to get Android 7 will be with MIUI, at least if they are going to publish a MIUI 9 for the Xiaomi Note 4.
  3. Pixel Launcher and Google Installer For me, the consumption of this ROM is a little bit high, disconnected the phone this morning wth 100% and now I´m on 80% only after installing my apps. Maybe I have to wait a while to get the Battery calibrated. Google_installer.apk pixel.apk to choose Pixel as Launcher got to app Management--- Default app---Launcher and select Pixel.
  4. AOSP

    Still a lot of work to do even for the Apollo, as mentioned in the postings drains battery like crazy, 40% overnight in standby
  5. Ok, thanks a lot, I´ll stay with the normal one...... No "war" to get the gapps installed.....
  6. Big differences between those two versions? The "normal" one is running incredible good so if the newer one is not much better i would not like to flash again.....
  7. Ok, I see it has a slightly different name, should be the new one. The Old one is named: Letv_X620_AN6.0_023S_ZHLTJJB.zip https://fanqiexiaozi.ctfile.com/i/717096/f/AzZXYwc0UG4DYAA2CD1bLFYxV2kGOwIzAGtaMgRjU20GOw%3D%3D The left download-Link is for free user.
  8. Still no newer one available for download. The file for our X620 is still from 04-20
  9. For me Purple is working without problems since yesterday, very smooth, no bugs so far.
  10. UID_9999 is the battery/app optimised process after installing new ROM, should disappear after first full charge. https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/project-fi/pHA6-23OAdA
  11. Seems to work now, at least Inbox without FC Very strange....