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  1. Yes, I know, but I never ever could install anything from a USB Stick OTG , tried it a few times but the Smartphone did not recognized the Stick as memory So it is much safer not to erase the Internal storage
  2. If you clear internal storage, there's no system left you can flash.
  3. Just installed this ROM yesterday and was able to install Google Apps with google Installer on first try. No idea what is happening that sometimes it´s totally impossible to install the Google Apps, had this difficulties before which this ROM and had to switch on another Stock because it was impossible to install Gapps. And now on first attempt. Very strange, never ever had problems to install Gapps on other ROM.
  4. Strange bug with snap camera, not all options are working with AOSP or lineage, fully working only when using Stock ROM. Macro for example. But it's not your fault.
  5. Gapps is very tricky, I had huge problems to install, tried it with Google Installer and Open Gapps and a few reboots till it worked.
  6. New Link for Download: https://mega.nz/#!9Jxw0CLQ!3-B7Aj4sd7uT3nwaxnTuh_PnSIEEwD08_xe-fK7P8-E
  7. Antutu with V99
  8. Seems that Fast Charge is working with V99, very fast to 100% again (like in Stock)
  9. Thank´s I will check this next time I use Stock, just switched to Lineage from Kangburro.
  10. Battery seems to be very good with V99, almost "0" in Standby over night.
  11. Running normal, no problems with Youtube.
  12. Installed the Gapps now with Opengapps, but Browser is not working, Still FC Not a big problem because I´m using Chrome. Apart from this the V99 really looks very good.
  13. Try this: Rebot to Recovery than install ROM again without any wipe. Solved the same problem for me.