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  1. Android 7

    Yeah i have working recording limited to 720p
  2. This is qualcom SoC and and different world region. Look at about iPhone in sttings or in your build.prop in /system for your type.
  3. Android 7

    please share your tweaks for battery life - - this is from my unpublished build without any battery tweaks - minor usage only making phone calls
  4. Android 7

    also developers menu brake RIL. reboot will fix it
  5. Android 7

    If Wifi tethering is not working for you . You have 2 options: 1. on PC delete AndroidAP in manage wireless networks (If you connect with another phone with same name "AndroidAP" it cant connect due bad password) 2. Rename AndroidAP to something you want on phone.
  6. Android 7

    if can not pass bootanimation use vcodec blob from apollo lite also you can post log
  7. Android 7

    Camera partialy fixed... working: taking pictures torch not workig: hdr recording
  8. call *#*#4636#*#* and in information about phone type in SMSC number of your provider
  9. Android 7

    it tooks 2 months hard work to make it work. Comparing many device tree on github and trying them to build working system. I also must upgraded my PC because it was impossible to conplete build. Now with new hardware it takes 1,5h.I´am not really dev I am only enthusiast of android
  10. Android 7

    no i dont post it on chinese forum. The rom has same date of build and name. It is same as when I released CM13
  11. Android 7

    can you try put to phone another SIM?
  12. Android 7

    it is from my build
  13. Android 7

    try flash Update_general_images_P81.zip
  14. Android 7

    what do you mean with autopilot? I am no facing issue with SIM card, maybe you need update md... images. I will try make patch.
  15. Android 7

    for me works normally I am using it more then one week