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  1. Lineage

    The ROM is not for daily use huge battery drain and camer not work. I will upload beta version after it will ve better
  2. Lineage

    yes working: wifi bluetooth audio not working: ril camera
  3. Lineage

    it is first alpha build of LOS14.1
  4. Lineage

    good news. see screenshots SCREENSHOTS
  5. Lineage

    guys, letv camera cant work on lineage by putting only app and libs to the rom. It is working on AOSP and MIUI because this rom has mediatek parts in framework.jar I am working on to implement mediatek code to lineage os
  6. Lineage

    Wifi tethering fixed
  7. Lineage

    no still I am on fixing bugs
  8. AOSP

    X620: Le 2 : 3GB RAM PHOTO:16MP CPU:2,3Ghz Le 2 Pro: 4GB RAM PHOTO:21MP CPU:2,3Ghz X625: same as X620 but CPU:2,5Ghz
  9. Lineage

    I am working on it
  10. Lineage

    i am building from source (it is real lineageos build)
  11. Lineage

    its not uploaded yet but its new build with 1.4.2017 security patch i am trying fix wifi thetering now
  12. Lineage

    Battery seems good
  13. no no it is in system.new.img (must repack) but you can instal rom by TWRP and then in TWRP mount system use file manager to copy build.prop from system to sd conect phone to pc and edit build.prop put back build.prop to system set permission to 644 reboot