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  1. last week they released 23s official and now there is 26s and still android 6.0. I think our device does not get Android 7+.
  2. Aosp doesnt have Themechooser. This is only for cm/lineage
  3. If you want left button for multi task you must add system/usr/keychars/Virtual.kcm from lineage rom to your ROM :-)
  4. Lineage

    i will release new version after fix battery drain issue, so its long time journy
  5. Lineage

    i am trying fix that, but i have not much free time
  6. Lineage

    I dont´t know. I don´t try ycjeson AOSP
  7. Lineage

    what do you mean with this ? post screen shot
  8. Lineage

    ROM updated. improoved battery
  9. I recommend setup DPI to 420 a i thing 400 is too small
  10. Lineage

    this is for snapdragon version
  11. Lineage

    Update research about battery: I think there is something wrong with capacity of battery. Today I charged to 100%. Discharged over day to 2% and summary of apps consuption is 1250mAh