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  1. I try again and install this zip but doesn't work in MIUI 8 ROM Donkie edit.
  2. I have MIUI 8 Donkin android it doesn't works this camera patch. Also when I download this patch it is not in zip format and iz couldn't install it. Could you put correct link with zip file that try again. I try now Flash this zip format camera.
  3. I install google play finally but i can't download any app, what to do? I use miu 8.6.9
  4. I use v8 multilanguage rom and it's great but how to change themes. Le services doesn't work like le cloud. Could i install only few le apk and will it work properly? Poslano sa mog Le X620 koristeći Tapatalk
  5. Thank you you saved me. One more question, I want to install EUI 5.8. Multilanguage but I not success to install root properly. Do you tell me could I install some other rom from this one or not. Thanks.
  6. That is it. It works. Great. Big thanks to you on help.
  7. I use it in fastboot, and it is not help me, then I try to flash rom via sp flash tool. I try to do it again. I am desperate. Please advice.
  8. I use bat file and when I reboot it start boot animation but not starting phone. I think that I have. I tried to root my phone and install recovery and everything seems fine, but hen I start to boot I stuck on logo. I now try both moteds to install from recovery or but file and finally install via fastboot nothing. How to correctly install drivers maybe is that problem. I have recovery and I can go into fastboot. It not completely brick phone but I stuck on logo.
  9. Hello everyone I have a problem to unbrick my phone and I ask to help me. I try this metod but not successful. My phone still boot at leeco logo and I have recovery and I can go into fastboot. I run but file and boot my phone but it stuck on booting. When I try to flash this rom I get message error what can I do, incorrect drivers, flashtool what. I could not success to flash any rom in twrp. Thanks a lot. Edit>I download newer version of sp flash tool and I put scutter file but it wont to download it. What is now problem.