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  1. EN/CN

    I wouldn't really work on this particular ROM as its a moded version and the developer has removed entire gapp patches and have also added Chinese bloatware. I'll start once I get my hands on stock ROM.
  2. Which device and android version? Cause I'm currently running the app without any issues in EUI 5.8 (Which is android 6.0) App should perform well even in older android versions (Including Android 4.4 KK). Re-download the and try again. Sent from my Letv X507 using LeForums
  3. Wait, are you getting this issue after flashing the mod? That's weird as there is NO LINE of code which messes up with SystemUi. Can someone else confirm? Also do you have any other mod apart from LeecoDrypt? Sent from my Letv X507 using LeForums
  4. Find 'LDT_config' file from storage/Android/*here* Edit the file using any file manger, Change sleeper=0 to sleeper=1 And reboot. Sent from my Letv X507 using LeForums
  5. You can try it out, although I don't really recommend you to test as entire mod has Le 1S specific tweaks (Which might work on Le 2 also) Cheers. Sent from my Letv X507 using LeForums
  6. Greetings folks. After hours of writing the code and days of testing, I introduce LeecoDrypt v4.0 (Major Update till date) So what exactly is LeecoDrypt? Its a mod written in bash/shell scripting language and runs after the device boots up. Keep in mind that the purpose of this mod is to improve the device's ability and NOT EARN MONEY OUT OF IT! Respect my work as I write code while putting my job at risk ! So what's new in v4.0? Read change logs from within the mod :') * Supports both EUI 5.5 & 5.8 * Might work in Le 2 devices running MTK Installation Instructions :- 1) Boot your device into recovery mod 2) Flash the zip 3) After device reboots, let it settle for around (2-3 mins) (Don't touch your device till then) 4) Download and install Terminal Emulator app from play store (Important) 5) Open Terminal app and type 'su' (without quotes) Enter * Grant SuperSu permissions Type 'LDT' (without quotes) Now you'll see a few options, follow the steps written under the LDT script and you're good to go! This version does not run without your command! So start engine from LDT script and your log file can be found in /sdcard/Android/LDT.log Happy flashing Download : https://www.mediafire.com/download/5ree29k1z673iqv
  7. Greetings folks! Hope you're having a good day and I'm happy to see this forum catching up so soon. Its your friend DeveDroid (a.k.a SadiqDev) here. Since scrolling and going through forum using the web browser was a little pain, I've compiled an app to make it easier for all Features :- 1) Access to (Letv.re) Forum (Find news, mods for LeEco devices) 2) Access to (Xda-Developers) Forum (One stop pit-shop for any android device) 3) Access to LeMe Community using the built-in browser which is also optimized to run faster than normal browsers 4) Rich and Beautiful UI 5) OTA Updates 6) Comment, Thank, or PM any members from in-app 7) Create your own topics without any need of using any other app or browser 8) Over 50 Languages to choose from 9) Added Wallpapers section which updates almost every day (You're welcome) 10) FREE & NO ADS 11) Push Notifications 12) Subscribe to any topics 13) In-App download Option 14) In-App Feedback option (Write your bug reports or request new feature to me directly) 15) Material Design 16) Share option (Share between your desired social networking sites) 17) Supports devices running from KK (Android 4.4) to MM (Android 6.0) 18) And much much more Screen Shots :- Download : Version 1.2 - https://www.mediafire.com/download/0136fgeq1qz16bo What's new in version 1.2? 1) Choose between Light or Dark themes 2) Bug fixes 3) Updated name from 'LeecoForums' to 'LeForums' 4) Updated Logo