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    All done and fitted for £20. Happy days. Only slight difference i can see is the back, me i etc keys in the bottom look like they are slightly obscured. But never look at them anyway. Pretty chuffed to be honest. And fitting for £20 is worth taking the risk out of trying to do it myself. Vopmart ok!
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    Ive just ordered a replacement screen from VOPMART, so will update on here once received and fitted (I have a local shop happy to do it for £20). Fingers crossed! I'm from England FYI. Cheers
  3. Fair response there and yeah I'm definitely not a photography of any sorts :). Gutted there is no solution for the 800mhz as of yet for you. I hope sometime soon someone manages it.
  4. Have you tried *#*#9439#*#* and ticking the box?
  5. Dark one... I will look into the link I used to 'enable' 800
  6. I changed from o2 to Three when I bought the Le Max and did check the frequency's before buying so knew I'd be ok. I've had a note 2 before and my wife has an a3 (which is horrid lol). I've attached a pic I took recently. I'm quite happy with it.
  7. I'm in the UK and 4G works great but I'm on Three network. Also I have done the number thing and am not sure whether it succeeded, if there is a way to check I'm happy to try. Also camera I've found to be most excellent. Probably the best camera I've ever had on a phone. What ROM are you running? I'm on Chinese 18s
  8. Couldn't get the key to work... I tried: !7x7AKV4aJvwvYKw-55Trjh4P5EtcGotQG03YRMDFP-M
  9. https://mega.nz/#!KsMwDKaZ!bcqCC28emRtZlJNyLsS-JNScFoSP_C6QVrDXv8hjMBI Haha didn't read all the thread. Seems already shared. Sorry. I will leave here anyway.
  10. I just tried again and it's still there. Just got to try a few times...
  11. Trick

    Boooo, no I didnt, I guess a reload of the ROM is the answer then? I wasn't sure how the zip affected the phone. Whether it was deeper than normal. Though I guess thinking about it of course it isn't! Maybe I will take it easy on my phone until 18s comes along.. as cant find a download for it yet. Thanks
  12. Trick

    Mine on cuoco 17s after this is super hot! Only played few games like clash if clans and now noticeably hotter than usual. Is there any way to revert the changes?
  13. ps. also the mega link above is for a MUSICFX installer? is this right for SU? cheers
  14. Thanks for the link, much appreciated. also what TWRP install do you use? as that was what messed me up i think... bit nervous to try it again now, as the phone is working really well at the moment. thanks
  15. Sorry don't know how to do that. Any ideas how best to root with this ROM? I used to root on 14s and lower but since 15 I've had to use pre-rooted ROMs as when Ive tried it always crashes phone. Thanks