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  1. don't worry after a new Nougat update official updated version all web sites related to Leeco X52x will explode ... till then you can visit official Leeco at : https://bbs.le.com//zt/eui/le_2qualcomm.html
  2. Phones are identical from hardware point of view . Differences between them are only regarding ROM targeting market like China , Russia , India and International . You may flash any custom ROM you like . Try them all , not problem and stick to one you feel is all right . Pay attention to be a Qualcomm ROM . If I'm not wrong X520 is for China , X526 is for India and X527 is International (and Russia) , X522 is for US . So it really doesn't matter what type of phone you have , I mean X52X , this is only a type number for ROM you have installed on it .
  3. I haven't seen major changes from the previous version except increased opportunities for LeEco Cloud account logging in .
  4. Sure !
  5. english , man
  6. I just posted the new 023-03111S on top this . All work well . Enjoy
  7. If you want to try , I just uploaded this new firmware :EUI 5.9 023-03111S on "EUI 5.9-020S by mjuppetzoyou" .
  8. have you tried the usual solutions for your problem ? - phone time synchronization - delete google apps from system and reinstall with proper app - change language and local information from build.prop ? I can't see other impediments to don't work Google Play
  9. OK , try this : - reboot into TWRP-recovery , - flash this , - wipe cache & dalvik , reboot . After reboot , don't panic it will take some time . This patch should solve your problem . Deskclock.Patch : http://bit.ly/2nJSZaV
  10. Get the last version of TWRP for X600 , extract "recovery" and flash it . There are a lot of tutorials on web , you can use one of dedicated apps from Google Play (ex "Flashify") . So you flash only the file not the zip. File "recovery" TWRP you can download from here : http://bit.ly/2lmOrlX
  11. OK , try this : - reboot into TWRP-recovery , - flash this , - wipe cache & dalvik , reboot . After reboot , don't panic it will take some time . This patch should solve your problem . Calendar.Patch : http://bit.ly/2ndHQ0q
  12. dilnix

    "can;t seem to make a topic under eui section " Maybe tibcsi0407 should see this ! I told him some time ago , we can't post anything under EUI section and strange thing , he didn't belive me . Maybe it is time to fix this error !
  13. First make a full backup of your actual ROM . I think it would be better to update TWRP from to then wipe cache & dalvik and after that flash this ROM . No need to wipe all . Be patient it will be a 5-10 min process and also it could happen a couple of restarts . Here is the link to TWRP (zip) : http://bit.ly/2mykmQx Here is the link to recovery (file) : http://bit.ly/2lmOrlX
  14. nope , no chance , sorry
  15. It was my responsibility to eliminate because the application is an important energy consumer . If you like the app you need to install it from Google Play .