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  1. my phone screen And the buttons at the bottom of the screen are not working.
  2. The phone screen is not working
  3. The screen is not working. I touch the screen and it does not work at all. I tired all the software. It does not help at all. What do I have to do now. Otherwise I need to change my screen
  4. I can not do anything when I touch the screen of my phone. Only open and sound buttons are working
  5. Phone screen is not working How is it done to factory setting?
  6. How to install the software with adb fastboot
  7. My phone is entering twrp. But the screen touch does not work Does not see any transactions.
  8. Hello there I installed it. The screen is frozen. The screen touch does not work right now
  9. How did you do
  10. Hello there How can I get rum with ADB FASTBOOT? Can you help me?
  11. Hello Tora33 my phone is not turning on stay on the letv screen The penguin is not getting software. what should I do
  12. These theme files How to install
  13. Hello there According to the theme in this picture How is rum made?