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  1. Hi @thenightwolf1203 , I installed several times the rom with all wipe (but not internal storage) , I had no such problem
  2. multi_miui8_x800_tora33_7.1.13_6.0 download look here
  3. @JOSMAN85 , You installed the application from the play store the application is in data / app , with root explorer transfer to system / app reboot
  4. miui_pro3_tora33_7.2.23_base_20s download
  5. thanks @elparano, uploading again
  6. how to install with custom TWRP recovery Put the rom in your mobile (not in a folder) Disable our phone (on/off) press simultaneously for some time the volume up button (+) & on / off TWRP recovery : press the wipe (Data & Dalvik Cache) , No internai storage slide right back , back press INSTALL and find the rom , slide right good luck
  7. miui_pro3_tora33_7.2.23_base_20s _ bluetooth download
  8. about .... @sakura10, lack ? this is for official Leeco devices , for miui : here and here
  9. miui_pro3_tora33_7.2.23_base_20s , I'll test the rom and i'll upload it later on.... Bluetooth Is Perfect
  10. @msniegi@o2.pl, maybe some application you installed is causing the problem in the implementation sms
  11. maybe tomorrow : 7.2.24 , @siarka , @msniegi@o2.pl , with perfect bluetooth
  12. https://mega.nz/#!AFY0QZ7J!hPGPXYQ9ciC4hFmm83L8_dsL0uTw3_jpiiQ3Baf2Apc
  13. miui_tora33_LeMax2_7.2.22_base_20s , I'll test the rom and i'll upload it later on.... Bluetooth Is Perfect
  14. multi_miui8_lemax2_7.2.7_20s_tora33 download multilingual : look here the languages , or here (in hidden....)
  15. 1. press buttons "power" and "volume +" for long time , if you are to recovery , do "factory reset" and "reboot" , if you can not go to recovery 2. download , https://mega.nz/#!GlQk2baJ!gZF-f4eRPLD8cPi-krNDvV9ns1Vn3pW1pBosAjnQI8c switched off the mobile (from on/off) press buttons on/off (power) and volume - (fast boot mode=penguin) connect the phone with your computer run as administrator the " _ωTλ__Ϊ+¬_T-_+¬ς¬·-_ " (the rom is the official 16s)