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  1. 4) You need to install a fast boot rom..... fast boot rom
  2. "pro3_26s_stable_magiskRoot_tora33" is rooted , Ad Blocker Must get root rights 1. Your choice will be only if you want root or not (You will be picking the corresponding rom) 2. Install the rom that is not root , if you don't want xposed, yes
  3. @thejim, you intalled this rom ? X720_026S_Root.SuperSu_stable_tora33 download ( not instal google ) , more - discussion if yes , the rom is rooted with supersu , you must not install again root , Ad Blocker is o.k. you must not install Xposed , from app Advanced settings =>uninstall (if is necessary) and install Xposed if you installed this rom e) New pro3_26s_stable_NoRoot_tora33 (Is better than the previous 26s No root) , download and want root , must install SuperSu or magisk
  4. Did you download this rom ? and install with this method ? from
  5. hi @thejim, If rom has downloaded right , install again , recovery
  6. @Fabri.avr, uncheck dolby from settings , and use only V4A (if you prefer) , you must not use all Whoever cares about it LeEco settings=> V4A Settings (ViPER4Android) , look here
  7. @vodkaiserz, LeEco settings=> V4A Settings =>run V4A Settings=>yes=>reboot your device (X800) LeEco settings=> V4A Settings =>run V4A Settings=>convolver=>on 1. download and extract in your computer and the two folders "Kernel" and "Profile" put in a new folderin your computer and rename as "irs for v4a" (now , in your computer you have the folder "irs for v4a" and contains two folders "Kernel" and "Profile") 2. put the folder "irs for v4a" in your device (Pro1) And with “root explorer”, replace (merge) the folders , "Kernel" and "Profile" in Storage /emulated/0/Viper4A go to , V4A Settings, press "Convolver" and chooce "Dolby prologic ii"
  8. @Fabri.avr , Viper4A , without "The SELinux Toggler.ver.4.3.9.build.62" from convolver can you choose if yes , O.K. , if not, tell me
  9. change gps.conf , look and http://www.pool.ntp.org/en/ only how to here or install "TopNTP" or "faster gps" from google play
  10. @Wortelstok install No Root rom 26s and then install the root if you install the new rom , is difficult to change root @Fabri.avr, look on xda, or google I installed the new rom with and drivers is O.K. (for me)
  11. go to superSu=> settings=> and uncheck the Mount namespace checkbox and reboot. After that the driver for Viper will install. I said this in more screenshots (in hidden)
  12. @Fabri.avr, uninstall supersu and then install magisk (supersu is fast)
  13. @Fabri.avr, the apps need to get root permissions from supersu
  14. @Vodkaiserz, I use dolby audio settings->sounds & vibrations=>dolby digital plus =>Open (for always be open dolby atmosh, and after restarting) You used whichever you know and believe to be the best