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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-9i_XZeFiXUb2dwejlFUWxnQXc/view
  2. @anyr , the original https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=839766&st=660#entry65545170 not install 26s rom , if you installed , (must return to 20s)
  3. @henriquesm, Install again the rom, without wipe
  4. You have already stored up.= or 3 fingerprints. You must delete one of them and store a new one. forget it try this , install from recovery
  5. yes 2) X722_stable_20s_MagiskRoot_v4A_C.B.G_tora33 download more - discussion here after installation the rom, if you want, install and xposed: Xposed ,install the .apk , Xposed xposed framework install from recovery without wipes (C.B.G_tora33) you must not install update v87.3 , i think not work screenshot from X720 (after 15 days screenshots from X722)
  6. there are two twrp recovery, install the first twrp, freezes for a few seconds and then works properly, so you need (must) to install the second twrp recovery from recovery pro3_EUI_TWRP.zip or install this X722_TWRP_v1.img, (suggestion from 4pda.ru), (informative: officiall twrp (LeEco Le Pro 3 (zl1) = X720 not X722)) how to install "X722_TWRP_v1.img" : from command adb like here , or download this extract in your computer , connect the phone with your computer , press : "volume down" + "power button" , (you are in fastboot mode) run "Le1PRO-TWRP-INSTALLER" , and follow the instructions (in the second backspace, immediately press "volume up" + "power button" ) your device is in Twrp Recovery ,
  7. Hi Maddin, greetings from Greece, yes the issue with the fingerprint will be resolved once I receive my X722, support will be continued with new roms, without the source code, C.B.G. is the @CrisBallGreece, he waiting the X722, yes, must not have to install the 26s rom, (from the "ghost" site bug.le.com), Twrp, is safe, when we will pick up the devices, (C.B.G and tora33) we'll try to prepare 26s and android 7
  8. If you install the rom , safetyNet fix, is ok , if not install with safe mode If you install xposed, I said safety....is ok Xposed installer / official/ uninstall
  9. if there is no hardware problem
  10. for install onother rom, to work properly, backup your rom and install with all wipe but not internal storage (I'm waiting Χ722, ...for a new rom)
  11. Go to TWRP=> press mount=>Choose and check system. Go back =>advance=> file Manager, browse to system=>app.....
  12. patience for qfil , le_zl0_qfil_ufs
  13. push and hold "power" and "volume up", buttons, fastboot mode conect your phone with computer , decompress the rom file, and run 【一 键 刷 机】
  14. if you installed the xposed, everything is ok, safetyNet, work 100%
  15. From app "downloads" , menu/ settings/no limit (for all Android)