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  1. Rogue's rom: is "locked" by Roque. I can't do many changes, I can't do multi, bugs: problem with blootuth , (but is the best Miui rom) for install the rom , must Uninstall xposed or install with all wipe but without internal storage download
  2. install again the rom, (if you want , with all wipe, without internal storage) miui_pro3_7.1.23_6.0_20s_tora33, uploading.....
  3. miui_pro3_7.1.23_6.0_20s_tora33 lanquage, only
  4. must install official 13s
  5. @satoshiakihito unistall and install xposed https://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/unofficial-systemless-xposed-t3388268 https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=3034811
  6. US version 4. download , unzip to a folder in your computer , install "QPST.2.7.429.msi" , and run "QFIL" QPST.2.7.429 , I uploaded here : http://www.easybytez.com/oc7hra9gi0ww and here http://www1.zippyshare.com/v/vOra54dX/file.html and x1_na_dvt1_fastboot , https://mega.nz/#!y05TnTIA!0HGAv-Y2BHGoGuM8LCod_3pyAEz874-8ydUcjxSbCSI 5. download and extract https://mega.nz/#!i5REVa7Z!f7waKb5uQViuGjtD6y0AjyTAHhxM9nK-9AK3ZWgDARc press buttons on/off (power) and volume - (fast boot mode=penguin) connect the phone with your computer run "x1_na_fastboot" , when finished .............
  7. i will try to remove
  8. system\app\VoiceAssist , o.k. deleted , when I install the rom i take out the sim card , i'm looking for micloud
  9. The rom is designed that they so if we want to make updates, we must have the phone NOT rooted and we have the stock recovery inside, Most companies want to have on their phones the officially rom and not a custom rom. Yes its normal... not strange. Most officially roms have ads, videos, music pre-installed...
  10. @RoyalCasin, 20s , Yes I will find a way to skip this step and log in to icloud later on when the rom is set it. It is easy to remove smart assistance,but i have to check if it effect the recorder. Maybe recorder it doesn't work if smart assistance is uninstalled. I will check it and tell you
  11. twrp recovery=>wipe=>Advance wipe=> choose all , but not internal storage (settings=>Additional settings=>back & reset=>factory data reset=>all files on the phone
  12. off topic : twrp recovery for X900, install again this https://mega.nz/#!FxJSHRoD!DEFlbNXgl4kYb6uBCkjxDzJbsOqAZhu1DtrUNQBkM9I
  13. I haven't X900 , i can't try , install again twrp recovery edit :@zommoo , don't translate the page in Turkish
  14. @zommoo , in X800 is O.K. , in X900 i don't know miui8_x800_tora33_7.1.13_6.0 download
  15. from twrp recovery I installed the 13s (is necessary) , with all wipe but not internal storage in restart, in the question if must keep the root , choose not root , (absence of root residues in rom, everything will be fine) , I installed the stock recovery , then , in stock recovery, clear data=>restart and came two updates , the design of the rom is "strange" I don't know if will succeed in all of you