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  1. After one month I can say that it's a really good phone. I upgrade from an LG G2 and it's a really nice upgrade. Why? Because of a lot of point, first the hardware is pretty hight, snapdragon 820 is a really a nice processor, 4gb of ram make the difference too,and the metal body is well done. I like also eUI 5.8,it's smooth and the Ui is really pleasant. But I decided to sell it because of the color, I like to use phone without case and to be honest is really girly without any case on it. I'll buy a oneplus 3, I found it more "sexy" and full HD is enough. After it's a really good value anyway
  2. MULTI

    No I'm on the official one but for sure it's because of the data because anyone from now is having this problem and it's not for anything that the team said to install it with clean wipe ;-)
  3. MULTI

    You need to do clean install, I mean that you have to wipe cache, dalvik, system and data. I'm sure it's because you didn't clean data ;-)
  4. Someone knows how to register with myeco? Because I've got an English number and it's not available in the option....
  5. I finally flash the rom and I've got just one problem, I don't have any contact from Google. Everything is sync but any contact appears... If someone had a solution please?
  6. TeaMSpaiN

    I've got already it because I tried few times ago 5.8 developer rom, I forgot that :-)
  7. I'm gonna wait for it, I've got the original rom but yours is better
  8. 86% downloaded after 3 hours
  9. Nice! Where did you put it?
  10. Thanks mate!
  11. Do we lost custom recovery after flashing? Downloading is very slow!
  12. It's Chinese I think but English is available for sure when you set up the phone
  13. Ok so I'll try then!! Happy to see finally the official release
  14. How did you get the playstore? Google installer ? Just to know I'm downloading now and I will try
  15. It's strange because i tried everything, with/without gapps, with google installer etc nothing worked....I've to try again thanks for your reply ;-)