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  1. AOSP

    Thanks for trying! Perhaps you'll find a way
  2. AOSP

    +1 Any chance to get an actual security patch for this great rom?
  3. AOSP

    Security patch is still January?
  4. I always have the same problem with every EUI ROM: location services or GPS are not able to get the actual position in, for example, weather apps. But navigation is working without any problems. This not happens with other ROMs like AOSP, only with EUI. Has anybody an idea to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  5. AOSP

    Tried it - makes no difference.
  6. AOSP

    Yes i did. And btw i also tried a clean install.
  7. AOSP

    For me the eBay app don´t work. I can´t login - i always get "login data incorrect" when i try to login with the correct name and password. It seems to me that the eBay apps installs in a kind of debugging mode. When i look into the app settings there are a lot of debugging options - i´ve never seen them before on any other rom.
  8. AOSP

    Hi Kangburra I still get those BT files on V137: btsnoop_hci.log..........
  9. AOSP

    Hi Kangburra! Thanks for your great work on this Rom! With the fixed BT this will get immediately my daily driver!! For me this is the best Rom for our device cause I don't like Eui or Miui. Thanks again for making my phone great again :-)
  10. AOSP

    Hi Kangburra - are you still working on this rom, so there is hope the Bluetooth bug gets fixed? That's the only thing that prevents me to use this great rom as my daily driver!
  11. AOSP

    NOOOO, please go on!! :-) Hope you are still working on the known issues? That´s a great rom!
  12. AOSP

    But you get closer and closer! Thanks again!