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  1. Ok, now we are at least 3 with this problem
  2. Same here, also in V99 and V107. Tried clean install, different launchers, no chance - volume down does not work. The only thing happens on pressing volume down is that the navigation buttons get lightened.
  3. Am I wrong, or was the system overall in V99 smoother as in V107? What do you think?
  4. Here too, no problems with Xposed.
  5. Thanks for this great ROM - almost everything I need is working perfect! The only thing I really miss is fast charge. Camera is good enough for me. Thanks again for this great ROM!!!
  6. Ok, back to V49, saw in TB there's MusicFx integrated, but no icon. Has anybody an idea how to start this?
  7. Wouldn't it be better to concentrate the activities to already existing good working ROMs to make them better? In my opinion we have more than enough ROMs. A few of them are really good, only a few issues who needs to get corrected. This one (V49) is one of this good ROMs with only a few issues, in my opinion. I also own a few more mobiles - each of them with custom ROMs. But I never saw such a mass of ROMS like here. But, as I already wrote - that's only my opinion, you might have another.
  8. Oh, sorry. Try this https://mega.nz/#!XdgwxQQL!BqoTanzITa3JmdXduZaAxWloQUX9Msto0JMqAtGvf-U
  9. Ok, I'll try - who needs IR. :-) More important for me is the battery consumption in standby.
  10. That's right, but after installation you first have to delete a lot of Chinese system apps. And till now I have found no way to get rid of the battery percentage in status bar. Do you know how? Edit: Just saw your solution in another thread. Ok, but that changes the whole status bar - not an option for me.
  11. Yes that would be great. It's a good rom, but needs to get more responsive and overall faster.
  12. Yes, I have this problem with the slow screen response too. And the whole system is not very responsive, unfortunately.