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  1. There is 23s https://bbs.le.com/zt/eui/le_1.html
  2. stock

  3. stock

    From OTA update.
  4. stock

    I have only new update.zip file for 18s.
  5. How to update OTA ? I downloaded update and phone rebooted into recovery but I didnt know where is that file.
  6. I'm using ForceDoze apk https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.suyashsrijan.forcedoze
  7. I installed it also, it was without keyboard, everything ok for now.
  8. http://forum.le.com/in/index.php?threads/eui-5-8-017s-all-you-need-to-know.15145/ http://forum.le.com/in/eui_detail.html?euiid=208
  9. There is new 17s rom at http://bbs.le.com//zt/eui/le_1.html
  10. Just ignore warning from that site
  11. From 100% one night with all app closed, wifi and data turned off: and next night, same settings:
  12. MULTI

    What is the best way to install BB72 5.8 15s after installing stock Eui 5.8? What to wipe? Here are my batt stat, from 00:00 it is almost horizontal line, very little usage, but this is not always the case. I dont know what is the problem with this stock 5.8 system. I always optimized phone memory with Phome Manager and lock the screen and sometimes there is huge usage over night and sometimes (like on this screenshot) very little usage with same settings and no activated apps.
  13. MULTI

    I tried MIUI from Vazarg and stock eui 5.8 and they have bad battery performance. The best for me is BB72 13s - it keeps almost 2 days. I tried all with powersave governor.
  14. I am using Kernel adiutor (Root) app, and in CPU settings I change cpu governor to powersave.