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  1. C106-BASED ON C103 INDIA ROM ML BB72 Modded release By BB72 of the ZIXOSOP5801711191S-5.8.017S C103 INDIA rom - Multi Language - Multi Users added - Playstore incompatible app solved - Radio FM fully working - Rooted - Gapp - Debloated - Kernel patched to avoid force encrypt - Optimized INSTALLATION - Have installed working TWRP (you can find gude here ) - Copy C106-C103_india_ZIXOSOP5801711191S_17S_ML_BB72.zip into phone internal memory - Perform 3 wipes: Wipe Data, Wipe Dalvik, Wipe Cache - Installl the rom zip - Reboot (first boot takes time...be patient!) NOTE - The encrypting removal fixes the display scaling to zoom value. - Rom has been tested on C106, cannot guarantee it also works on others models like C106-9 for example - Before to proceed with installation is always good to perform a TWRP backup selecting system, boot, data If you like my work and want to thank me you can offer me a beer using my PayPal donation link accessible from the rom Settings. Keep in mind that I invested my private time to make available this work and without recognitions there is no reason for me to continue this project! UPDATES
  2. MULTI

    This is good news but if you go under Settings/Display scaling you will see it is still Zoom mode...by the way my rom is the same base of GS one so it will be the same
  3. MULTI

    I'm sure also on GS rom the scaling is forced to zoom when partition is not encrypted....are you sure your one is ok?
  4. MULTI

    what do you mean exactely with without partition encryption?
  5. MULTI

    minor changes...more or less the same
  6. MULTI

    Post 1, Updates section Last BETA 17S of 29 December 2016 added
  7. I'm facing very strange camera problem when flash is on. With 100% stock rom 20S by enabling flash, very often when you click to take photo, either photo is not taken or it is taken with huge delay respect to flash....anyone experiencing same issue?
  8. Not first priority but sooner or later yes
  9. MULTI

    Which TWRP are you using? Anyway you can easily solve it by editing the updater script under the META INF directory inside the rom zip file and remove the first lines where model check is performed
  10. MULTI

    Flash this via TWRP and you should solve https://mega.nz/#!MQ91TA5S!TluXqQhW7fgn8DvLQWn9AGsW1Wi0S1oXDr8k-nkoVSk
  11. MULTI

    Post 1 updates section
  12. MULTI

    Just connect phone to PC while on TWRP go to mount and disable/enable MTP...if your phone doesn't show up on windows and you are on win10 then you need to manually force USB MTP drivers from device manager (you find many guide on internet on how to). Then flash this persist from TWRP without wipe and see if it solves
  13. MULTI

    They are very very similar just some additional features in the one posted here...but the GS one also includes my OTA updates Inviato dal mio LG-D858HK utilizzando Tapatalk
  14. MULTI

    I made comparison and 17S stable and last 17S beta based on which my modded rom was developed here, are exactly the same....therefore it doesn't make sense to work twice on same rom. GS rom is also made by myself...they are very similar Inviato dal mio LG-D858HK utilizzando Tapatalk
  15. MULTI

    That's not correct....ADB issue is not related to custom rom but to specific issue and WiFi as well....many users including myself use my Rom with root and everything works great Inviato dal mio FRD-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk