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  1. Do you think it's will be on Le2 x620 ?
  2. EUI

    Thanks!! this is multilanguage?
  3. GPS (waze) work good for me v10.
  4. Hallo, i have Le2 Android 6.0 Custom Rom by [Bshuy2003] X620 (V9), I would like to know if its possible to access my music ( GPS or spotify ) in my car with USB. I have " The RCD 310 radio/MP3 " with MEDIA-IN MDI ADAPTER FOR USB FLASH DRIVE MASS STORAGE I had an iphone before i buy Le2 and its work perfectly, with usb flash too. There is a solution? Thx!
  5. Hallo, i have v7 and i want install V8 i just need download this file and flash ?? Link Update-V8-X620: Flash over recovery (don't wipe), based on Rom V7. https://mega.nz/#!Z1UhDKoT!G8e1T78GYUggPrcal1xtPS_xtTg4o7X8anlxUAljmvM
  6. I not have flash recovery5.8 its good ? i have direct flash add
  7. Yes im noob my bad sry!
  8. No i install v7 and direct after reboot i install add, i try with your method
  9. I have flash second time + Add, its the same. " Sorry, but setup wizard has stopped. report this issue now? ... http://bug.letv.com "
  10. i have do all you said, but now its not start, after choose language, choose country, select SIM card; its crash
  11. Ok i will try
  12. Can i check system & internal storage too?
  13. I think i have Junk file from my preview rom i had install, Mayby i have bad clean my phone before install bshuy2003 ROM Is there a solution for beter clean all my root?
  14. Thank you all work good