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  1. Yes. It worked on my device. Except some color settings, most others worked. Most options in GravityBox[MM] also worked.
  2. It should work theoretically but I am not sure as I dont have that device. If all device with 5.8 has same code base, this should work.
  3. Ya that might work. Someone can try. I am not interested in releasing a ROM. Interested people can contact me and I can open the source code for them.
  4. Rom by BB72 is a custom rom right? Their modifications might interfere with the modifications I am trying to make. Some one experienced problems for lockscreen option on X620. You can try it yourself and uninstall it if not working. An Xposed uninstall script is included in the instructions.
  5. Have you enabled USB Debugging mode from Developer options?
  6. No, activate options in EUI Moder and reboot. If its not working after reboot, connect phone and issue the command.
  7. Thank you. I am also waiting for CM. This was a result of my impatience . BTW, I found that apart from some UI changes, EUI is basically clean under the hood. Core files are not much modified. So building device tree and compiling should be easier for experienced developers. I might be wrong though.
  8. Connect your phone in debugging mode and issue this command in terminal or command prompt adb logcat 'Xposed:V' '*:S' > Xposed_log.txt Post the created txt file.
  9. Ok. I also had this. But it got fixed once I restarted. If phone is vibrating for wrong fingerprint and not unlocking with correct finger, then you should login with pattern in EUI lockscreen once. This was mentioned in Known bugs :). As of now, we don't have a fix. It is related to android's fingerprint auth restriction. There are Xposed modules which can disable it but I haven't tried it yet.
  10. A reboot will fix the issue.
  11. Problem might be with custom ROM because EUI 5.8 code base must be same. If you could provide Xposed log from adb, I might be able to pin-point the issue.
  12. Actually it is very difficult to separate lockscreen and statusbar settings since all the changes are in one code base and one single change enables all of those. But I will try to seperate that if possible.
  13. Which is your EUI and Android version? Which is ur device? I have only tested it on Le2 x526 with Android 6 and EUI 5.8 Try enabling one feature at a time.
  14. Hi all, I have developed a small Xposed module to tweak EUI. It can disable most of the EUI customizations and bring back vanilla android features. Features Disable EUI Lockscreen, Status Bar and Notifications Disable EUI Control Center for Default app switcher Enable Vanilla Lockscreen with Fingerprint support Enable Vanilla 3D Recent apps (no clear all button yet ) Enable default Status Bar and Quick Settings (even with System UI Tuner, long press settings icon in QS to enable) Transparent Notifications in Lockscreen (like EUI) Dark Material theme notifications in drawer (Light Material didn't work properly) All notification icons in Status Bar (instead of 3 dot icon by EUI) Force enable Standard scale mode. (EUI doesn't allow you change Zoom mode after boot image patch) Android's Multi-user support (switch from quick settings) Semi-transparent status bar patch for EUI apps. Instructions & Download : http://forum.le.com/in/index.php?threads/xposedmodule-eui-moder.12922/ Screenshots
  15. Hi, I dont know if it works. Just give it a try Completely turn off the phone (no charger, nothing) Press volume down and power together. fastboot screen should come (since you didn't modify bootloader) Connect to PC and issue command "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" Then "fastboot boot recovery.img" Now recovery should load.