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  1. if you want to get rid of the encryption you have to format your phone here you have a very detailed tutorial on how to get twrp http://forum.xda-developers.com/le-max-2/how-to/protocol-backup-stock-rom-flash-stock-t3517151
  2. MULTI

    you should be able to use most of this guide, of course you cannot use the same twrp and rom, but everything else should be the same or similar
  3. MULTI

  4. MULTI

    all right, but what is the connection between specific recoveries and their belonging roms????
  5. MULTI

    what will happen if i dont do so? or why do i need exactly this one? do i also need to flash a custom recovery when i install a rom via fastboot?
  6. MULTI

    do i need exactly this recovery or can i use the official twrp recovery??? if i cannot use the official twrp, can someone please explain?
  7. MULTI

    @JudgeDeaththanks for answering!!! i knew this source but both those sources state that they are for cm14 not for mokee?!?!
  8. MULTI

    you can install gapps via flashing just google it and youll find it there are plenty of tutorials for flashing gapps
  9. i might have found an answer myself even though i didnt tried it yet. http://android.stackexchange.com/questions/58410/how-to-re-lock-android-bootloader you can unlock and also lock the bootloader via fastboot (but the lock command of fastboot is supposed to have another name in the actual version)
  10. MULTI

    hi is there any reason the source code for the le max 2 hasnt been published on github? all other devices from mokee are published on github... so im just wondering if anybody can explain that for me that would be nice
  11. MULTI

    hi im new to this and awaiting my le max 2 in a few days hopefully. i'm thinking about installing mokee, but in the logo it says mokee is open source but unlike on the cyanogenmod page there are no links to github or something... so is there some kind of sourcecode? actually I'm just afraid to install something on my phone that might do more harm than good... AND will the custom roms become better now that leeco published the source codes?
  12. oh so nothing to worry about? should i fix it, did i do naything wrong while flashing the custom rom? so did i do everything right to get the stock rom?
  13. out of paranoia and the fact i didnt had the stock rom installed (i could choose many languages) i installed the stock rom as described here http://www.letv.re/topic/938-how-to-install-stock-rom/ (i also chose "clear data") but right after the "update" i got the boot up warning orange state your device has been unlocked and cannot be trusted (i found this on the topic on a google page https://support.google.com/nexus/answer/6185381?hl=en) somehow i found the developer options are enabled and i could only enable them with a factory reset in the settings menu. but the warning on bootup remains...??? can anybody help me to disable "OEM Blocking" AND does this mean i have a virus or something alarming?