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  1. Another ROM from Tomato Kid. Source. I have uploaded it HERE.
  2. unfortunately, it does not boot. seems like a boot loop.
  3. Notepad++ Nope, camera is not working for now. @ABM30 is trying to find a fix.
  4. delete all this lines....
  5. It would be very helpful if more X900 users would try, test and offer feedback to @ABM3 from xda forum, who is trying to offer us an working CM 14.1 for our phone. This is the topic in question.
  6. Source
  7. En/Cn

    HERE i have uploaded another recent ROM based on EUI 20S made by a user called 番茄小子 / Tomato Kid. Source
  8. For those who want to try the latest ROM from 姐姐aa / Sister aa based on the official EUI 5.9.20S, i have downloaded and uploaded the file HERE. I have not try it yet. Source.
  9. It works. But before flashing, you will need to modify the "updater-script" file and delete the first line, all after #Assert. Otherwise, TWRP will give you the "error 7". Nice to see a working CM 14.1 for x900. Lets hope someone will develop it further. For now, it seems that camera isn't working. And there is no NFC and Fingerprint, as it was compiled for Letv X800. HERE you can fine more info about the ROM and the latest version.
  10. Best of luck in your efforts and thanks again for trying. This phone really deserve it. But i will have to say goodbye as i have just sold mine. I have run out of patience with LeEco's ignorance. I will probably go with Xiaomi. I hope you will eventually succeed. Happy Holidays to you all!
  11. I have finally managed to successfully flash it and it seems like the best EUI so far. In my case, the LTE connection is way steadier than any of Cuoco's ROMs. It is more responsive as well. Everything works so far. I will stick with it for a week to test it further and to see how the battery behaves. I flashed it without aurel's custom kernel.
  12. I will try it one more time and have more patience with the installation process. I will report back tomorrow
  13. MULTI

    Ok, got it. I am also trying to get away from EUI, but it is the most stable ROM for me. Flyme seems very appealing, but not in this stage of development. I can only say we need a miracle, because you are not going to see any sources for LeEco.
  14. sorry, i do not understand what are you saying. how did you manage to continue with the installation when nothing happens after the "invalid sparse file format at header magi" error?
  15. MULTI

    thnx @betahydrifor your effort to clean this rom. it should be @aurel 's job, however.... i flashed the rom with your new build.prop, but i ve got "unfortunately, settings has stopped" at the first screen after boot, when you supposed to select the language.