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  1. LeEco hasn't announced new version of eUI.
  2. install older version of messenger
  3. MULTI

    Merry Christmas to you @vazarg ! Thanks for rom
  4. @Mickvip Dual led working ?
  5. Eui le1

    Gyroscope is not working ...
  6. Eui le1

    but you can install stock -->google app installer --> patch bloatware--> install your applications -->root
  7. Eui le1

    ROM won't be multilang, i can delete root, but you will have to install it on your own @Schwester
  8. Eui le1

    Tomorrow i will upload 20S with working installer and debloated with also root and busybox.
  9. Eui le1

    you have 5.8.020S it's strange because it's 5.9
  10. Eui le1

    @AMIGAnTOMEK Gyroscope working ?
  11. Eui le1

    could you give photo of your firmware version (About phone) ? I can't believe it works
  12. Eui le1

    Have you installed it?
  13. Yes, letv announced their LeEco headphones with type-c plug.
  14. If you have feedback app(original letv eUI) on your device i recommend you to report bug with gyro and recorded sound.
  15. I think they're gonna do update. Yesterday i reported a bug with sound and gyroscope. They told me : We'll look into this and get back to you.