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  1. Hi, I accidentally deleted the contents of the /system/etc/hostapd/hostapd_default.conf file. Stupid text editor blanked the file content just before i hit save and i din notice... Any kind soul can share that file from this rom? - [Dun need anymore, i extracted it from the bin rom file]
  2. I have been using that rom for almost 2 weeks and it sucks! Too bloated with chinese apps and the cpu core management is horrible (tho that might be 23S general problem, i din try other 23S versions yet), it throttles down the number and speeds so much that most of the times it never gets past the 40K range in antutu score and the phone feels sluggish. It gets better with some tweaks from kernel adiutor, but still i gonna try tora33's rom to see.
  3. MULTI

    For me fingerprint works perfect. But, like @lioraclev i can't get xposed to work, I tried v85 and v86 sdk23, the phone reboots ok after flashing either, but when android starts I just get the wallpaper screen with no icons and "system UI" force close message over and over, nothing else. Then have to uninstall xposed and clear dalvik to have android going again, anybody managed to get xposed working ?
  4. MULTI

    This CN version is ok for use in Europe?
  5. EN/CN

    I know this doesn't belong in this thread, but, anybody tried this rom bbs.ydss.cn/thread-659281-1-1.html ? Dling now, will try later.
  6. @M.gllmt there are 2 versions, if u check on the 2nd page i was asking if somebody had a mega dl for the link i posted, which is the sisteraa 2nd rom, V2. The way to make fingerprint work in V2 is to 1st record them on V1 without wiping. btw, i don't have icons on the status bar for when gps and bluetooth are on, anyway to fix that?
  7. The fingerprint on V2 cannot register new fingerprints. 1st we need to flash V1 just to record the fingerprints, then flah V2 on top of it, cannot add more fingerprints, but unlock works.
  8. Is there a Mega (or other good one) download link of this rom? http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-648860-1-1.html