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  1. No it's wrong. The only solution is to clear cache and data on fingerprint services (all apps tab) and make a restart.
  2. Put all qfil files on c:/ drive without any space between file names.
  3. Here my friend 10 roms to choose. http://www.myphone.gr/forum/showthread.php?t=436023
  4. MULTI

    This is the original Chinese stock recovery for x820/x822 I don't have X821 to trying if working to. Tomorrow I will upload it with English translation by default.
  5. I'm sorry my friends but if Leeco don't release some 6.0 version kernel for US there isn't many things to do anymore. I've trying to build kernel with 100 + mode roms but always taking same results. No sound and battery with bugs. Maybe we can push the Leeco all together again with complaints. I thing this is the only thing we can do....
  6. Not yet
  7. Just try with another browser Chrome or Mozilla and check if you have adblock and disable for this page so you can open the pop-up window with the download zip.
  8. Hello I'm saying about this bug on post description. The trick is this. Send the file or photo you want and when the crash pop up window shows up don't press anything. The file photo will be sent to the other phone normally.
  9. Just download this is all ready moded. Download the moded Magisk Xposed systemless zip from here https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=673368273298923844
  10. Updated with the new version miui8 6.12.29 01/07/2017 New Project - ChangeLog 6.12.29 CHANGES BETWEEN 6.12.3 & 6.12.29 StockStable - Change Log -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----- 1. First is the latest 6.12.29 meaning it has additional settings from miui.global.stable. 2. It has now the factory brightness settings and color settings of the video EUI thanks to @nian https://github.com/nian0114 3. Takes and properly displays all light themes unlike the previous one which does not display properly. 4. Has additional resolution settings and touches sensitivity. dpi & density (with care the changes). 5. There is not root that means playing all applications that do not want to be root. The rom is stock stable without root and xposed. See instructions bellow how to root. 6. It has a built in DOLBY ATMOS appearance of the suite for user settings. 7. Has second interface for quick display and operation manual. 8. Is tweaks for better energy management and thus longer battery life (it's not like my rom 20GRs with 8hrs sot). 9. It has all the utilities miui.com programs applications for security, protection markets etc. 10. Fixed all the Chinese fonts-symbols that appear on the screen in 6.12.13. 11. Features a double tap to screen off on the status bar. 12. Express fingerprint from the official EUI 18S. 13. Has dual cameras and the EUI and the Miui8 has many filters and enhancements. 14. Has Selection for Use CDLA headphones 15. It has Built-in Google Apps, and not have to do anything! 16. Added all Languages on framework and shows up on installation. No need extra apk Fixed: Manual brightness EUI, appearance of white themes issues, Display Chinese font in status bar. Remaining issues:BT sending, card deactivation, dual applications that want services authentication because of port-rom. Installation is the same with rhe old 6.12.3 Rom given as is...Make the installation at your own risk and take a ful backup first. FAST CHANGELOG Kernel supporting init.d Build.prop tweaks και scripts Ram optimization scripts Battery optimization scripts 3way Power menu ( reboot - reboot to recovery - reboot to bootloader ) Gps.conf tweaks Sysctl tweaks Some Smiui tweaked binaries Sqlite optimizer Apps zipalign at boot Disabled HW acceleration Download Link : https://mega.nz/#!4IEQ1KBY!wtWetrfTwSYWT0G4NBBArEqkDQcjzqp0M4i6lsglvNk -----------HOW TO ROOT and INSTALL XPOSED on 6.12.29----------- First Delete /system/xbin/su in the ROM zip before flashing in TWRP. If you have all ready the rom installed, go through TWRP - FileManager and delete this file/archive. 1, Install Magisk Manager from Play Store. 2, Open the apk and Install/upgrade Magisk as prompted in the application 3, Reboot. Magisk would be properly installed and functional 4, Now, download phh SuperUser for Magisk https://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=3988488&d=1483407725 . 5, Reboot to recovery and flash the downloaded file. Reboot to system. 6, Open Magisk app, it will confirm that you are rooted. 7, Install phh SuperUser from PlayStore https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.phh.superuser&hl=en to manage root permissions. 8. Download the moded Magisk Xposed systemless zip from here https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=673368273298923844 10. Enjoy.... Thanks goes to [xda-developers] users @ manu_up & @edjocute Old Project 6.12.3 - pre-rooted & xposed The MIUI8 6.12.3 is a result of mix roms, from sources: miui.com - miui.gr (China & xiaomi-miui.gr) the rom addressed for xiaomi - advance users and should be read instructions until the end before starting installation! It is advisable to make a miui.com account before you have when you are prompted to first start. It has preinstalled Google Apps (GAPPS) and all you must do is to run an Installer I edited. of course all applications is on many languages & menu to. INSTALLATION With custom TWRP recovery 1. If you have installed one rom, which came mobile, official or not If you or Indian Stock mokee see 6a & 6b .. You must have battery over 80% and of course we TWRP. The rom includes embedded root SuperSU. 2. Download and put rom bulk on root directory on the mobile (not in a folder) or a USB / OTG 3. Turns off our phone through the system or by pressing then the right button (on / off). 4.Press on your mobile simultaneously for some time the volume up button (+) & on / off up to write LeEco Recovery and then leave. 5.Go in the TWRP recovery and you have the previous 19s or 20GRs mine, or other stock, press Wipe> advance wipe and select (System, Data, Cache & ART / DALVIC cache). We slide right to do. This will clear the EUI system, but the folders, pictures, documents, etc. will stay in place. If you want to do a clean installation (preferred), select all so the Internal Storage. 6a. Only from stock Indian with Indian Make a full wipe & Internal Storage and after that put rom bulk on phone and install it through TWRP. 6b.b If you are with another rom eg CM, Miui, Mokee etc., Advance wipe and select all exccept Internal Storage. 7.Go back on firt page and press INSTALL and find the rom to choose and do slide right to install. Do not rush, let the installation to complete up to send rom installed. When finished doing Wipe only Dalvic / Art Cache & cache. The lower left button and slide right and do and reboot to system. 9. The first start will be long before mobile start about 5 minutes and 48 seconds !!. 10. When go in the system will see that the default language is Greek, change to your own and do Log in miui.com etc. When having come Launcher surface, and after you finish your settings, go to the 2nd desktop, and find a shortcut that says Google Installer. The run and patch-lift-down triggers all the necessary play services. Once finished, go to settings> accounts and make the log-in to your Google Account. When finish the log-in go out on the play icon and you walk normally. Ignore any messages (the play services have stopped) by pressing cancel ... Once you finish the log-in, you must reboot the phone and will not appear, never again !! 11. Whoever, if some wants to put xposed in to the Rom, you must: exit in TWRP, make advance wipe ONLY Cache & ART / DALVIC cache, than return to first page, and select xposed.zip (there will be there as zi ) install it properly and without WIPE reboot to system. Once you get into the system, you will find the shortcut xposed.apk installer, you run it, you will give the proper permits, rebooting and you are ready! Just download your preferred modules. 12. Like all custom rom's this one, because it is a result of various rom's miui, has some cleanup Chinese applications and some miui applications targeted at Chinese market so they are missing. 13. APN/Roaming (Not all carriers suported) >> go settings => sim cards & mobile networks choose sim card => access point names => low the + (new APN) the miui wants except the Name and APN, and the MCC and MCN for Qtelecom is 202 and 09.Find yours on carrier site. (Generally: Always when prompted, select the pinion). Screen mirroring played normally. BT audio transmission in HiFi radio also. 14. Brightness. Click on auto button and then adjust the brightness bar (preferred way). Or through Screen Adjuster tap on 100% and then to auto before go out. 15. When finish the pay store services and installation, download from store the MoreLangs.apk and install it. When finish, just open it and choose your Language to show up on settings, menu, apks etc. 16. Finish and enjoy your new rom! CHANGES MADE - Change Log -Adlustments to boot.img (kernel) for patch miui.prop, and integration init.d, changes in default.prop etc. -Remove All miui-China applications. -Improve Applications for better response signed-zipaligned. -Default Location is Greece and the Greek language in Setup, change to yours. -Fix The topics to be compatible with greek location. -Fix The fonts - Letters to be compatible with the Greek language and others to. -Activation Sounds in addition-subtraction charger etc. Adding new tones to alarms, notifications, sms, e-mails etc. -Add as Default keyboard Google keyboard replace of miui-CN. -Add tweaks in build.prop for battery, better CPU-GPU response, fast mobile signal, direct call, 4G-Lte as default, GPS config for EU satellites to lock in 10SEC. etc! - Add the stock Remote Control Leui & Camera, and working just great! -Includes Many applications for root users from XDA for use full backup & restore all applications even in another mobile with their data, flashing zip-patch directly from the system without TWRP go do it alone, AddAway to block all ads on the INTERNET, root-browser, to change that you want to system folders, program, Dolphin browser and Flash Player !. Whatever, IF you do not want them, you can normally uninstall them as user application. -Add Ability adb, mtp, shell without limitation, changing the kernel -Set The camera for support for cam2API LiveVideo, preset Location Greece, TimeZones etc. ......... And many others I cannot remember now! AnTuTu test : 143.928. Of course as any rom that i'm uploading, will be support with Fix-Zips if found bugs from all of you, in use .... Download link MEGA https://mega.nz/#!xQsBxSBJ!oZZ2pabGH6tWXgNilIWVxg0BpswuGYD6V9GvQbVi_pg Supported Languages [HIDE]af,am,ar,as,az,bg,bm,ca,cs,da,de,el,en,es,et,fa,fi,fr,gu,hi,in,is,it,iw,ja,ka,kk,kn,ko,ky,lo,lv,mk,ml,mn,mr,ms,my,nb,ne,nl,or,pa,pl,pt,ro,ru,si,sk,sl,sq,sr,ta,te,th,tr,ug,uk,ur,uz,vi. Note for 6.12.3 only!: If you don't see your language on system languages selector, just download the MoreLangs apk from PlayStore, install it and open it. Then choose your Language to show up on system. Full Translation for: Belarusian Brazilian Bulgarian/Chinese/Croatian/Portuguese Czech English French Germany Greek Italian Norwegian Portuguese Polish Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Swedish Turkish Ukrainian Spanish ScreenShots 6.12.3 ScreenShots 6.12.29
  11. Thanks mate... I'll try when find some free time...
  12. Yes.. Check here.. http://forum.xda-developers.com/le-max-2/development/lemax2-x820-822-miui8-1-6-12-3december-t3526832 of course i will post it here to on next days.
  13. Happy Christmas to you... All ready I'm working on China 20s to make it more friendly with more languages on it. Of course I will continue to support LeMax2 & miui to... Happy Holidays. . My next project...
  14. Happy Christmas.. Very good observation.. Maybe that is the malfunction for the sound.... But the point is we don't have the new configuration for audio points on our kernel.