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  1. I think yes on settings & framework.
  2. 1. I haven't such problem Launcher works smoothly. Did you make changes? 2. At first boot you must update Google play services and play store and make restart. After that it works without problems. Is because when I make the rom it came up new play store services updates. If you not make right after installation the update you may have problems. 3. It's not the same files /archives.
  3. If you have TWRP on board and you are with previous EUI Rom just install it with wipe advance wipe dalvik cache and cache. Or you can try it dirty without any wipe.
  4. Not at the moment. Try it or with adb shell or just boot in TWRP without installing.
  5. Go to accessibility and enable the helper. All so with MIPop
  6. Everything works fine now. Out European region to have it all on.
  7. Hi to all users. 26s Stock rom Just finished the new 26s developer rom with full debloat all Chinese apk's with many extra stuff inside (find it out) multiled, Amoled Mode, fast notifications etc and if you want you may try it. Installation with TWRP only and factory reset. Of course with 86 languages on board. Is stable unrooted but if you want you may put SU & xposed. I haven't included the firmware update but I have it with extra flash zip. Make full backup first its stable but don't blame me for malfunctioning if anything goes wrong. Give as test rom for you. I don't have plenty of time to support all probably bugs that you find. 26s Debloated rom Is the same rom with full debloat of all EUI - Leeco Services with better battery and performance . Just try it.. Thanks... 26s AROMA EDITION rom Is the same rom with New 2017 Aroma Installer that gives you plenty of choises to adjust the rom according your needs.All so with better battery and performance . Just try it.. For PlayServices issues put this apk and follow instructions >> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.delxfun.serviceshelp -Ghangelog * Moded on stock EUI 5.9.026s Stable, ready to Daily use. * Added Multicolor LED Notification Light - You can find it on display options * Redefinied Infrared Remote app and Note app launch * Added abillity for hi Amoled type brightness display * Eye Protection mode with switch in Quick Toggles * Default is C.B.G. theme you can change it after installation * All apps deliver notification, without first launch them * Added Launcher with Google Search Box inside * Added more animation scale setting in dev options * Added Root, xposed, advance settings * Performance, battery, balanced profil with AKT apk * Many - many extra settings on board to choose you own * You have now 2 tap to power button to launch camera * Updated Android Security Patch * Added new apk of Dolby Atmos on main settings * Added 86 languages on board to choose your * Added more GPS accuracy for EU Satelites * And some other stuf that you find it out... Download 26s Stock rom Link https://mega.nz/#!MYUjHIyA!kNIQhevVCvCK3UIEB14DRqkEpYlqZvcYehqy6e5AUvQ Download 26s Debloated rom Link https://mega.nz/#!xRskHQJK!1JgiI05IzOdYcUu0oVXJJUmMskJ-ObAVJe0ZoHTACeM Download 26s AROMA EDITION rom Link uploading..... Firmware update 26S https://mega.nz/#!wF8GwRbD!0H5a9Pn_1b_l1ImTZNokXdrHT3_Trw4tA10IGrt-Wp4
  8. No it's wrong. The only solution is to clear cache and data on fingerprint services (all apps tab) and make a restart.
  9. Put all qfil files on c:/ drive without any space between file names.
  10. Here my friend 10 roms to choose. http://www.myphone.gr/forum/showthread.php?t=436023
  11. MULTI

    This is the original Chinese stock recovery for x820/x822 I don't have X821 to trying if working to. Tomorrow I will upload it with English translation by default.
  12. I'm sorry my friends but if Leeco don't release some 6.0 version kernel for US there isn't many things to do anymore. I've trying to build kernel with 100 + mode roms but always taking same results. No sound and battery with bugs. Maybe we can push the Leeco all together again with complaints. I thing this is the only thing we can do....
  13. Not yet
  14. Just try with another browser Chrome or Mozilla and check if you have adblock and disable for this page so you can open the pop-up window with the download zip.