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  1. Hi I would appreciate some help on this matter. Ever since the update to Eui 5.9.026. MY Google Play Services have stopped. So I could not update any App. It looks like YouTube will not work anymore either. How can I get Google Apps operational again? Thanks for Help. Thadx
  2. Hi I updated today. Now The Playstore does not work. I tried to install it new but the installation was not executed. Does anybody have Help? Greetings Thadx
  3. Hi with the 17s Stable Update came a Owners Manual. Unfortunately it is in Chinese only. Is there an English or German Translation? Thadx
  4. Hi M.gmllt. Where can I get a CustomRecovery? The Vendor said my Device is rootet, but if I check it with Root Checker the Program say's not rootet! I send u Screenshot about Phone. Thanks for your Help Thadx
  5. Hi M.gllmt, I'm Newbie, I have many Q's. Do I have to download the ROM File to my PC or can I just download direct to my Phone. According to my Vendor it is not the Factory Software on my Phone. it is EUI 5.5.013S. I persume it is already rooted. I have on APP on my Phone that is called Super Manager is that of any use? Is there a Tool that can help Installing Custom or Stock ROMs? I appreciate your Help. ThadX
  6. Hallo I just got my Lemax new and Im looking for an OTA update to Marshmallow. Point is I cant find the Software Update Button in my System Settings. Can anyone Help.?