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  1. Good work, thanks, but I have a question I do not have toggle switches, any ideas?
  2. Thanks
  3. Witam, pracuję nad spolszczeniem do x900 (aktualnie do romu 20s) i zastanawiam się ilu jest użytkowników posiadających ten telefon
  4. Can someone put this to another server, meaby on mega?
  5. Great, testing now. Thanx
  6. Stock

    Everything ok with my x900, I didnt notice any bugs yet
  7. New splash screen avalible soon...
  8. OK, thanks. One more thing - I tested it on 20s
  9. Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you my modified launcher. Instead, applications live now we can run Youtube. Of course, you must first install Youtube on the device. This is version where we can choose whether we want to have the app drawer or standard view. At the same time I turn to you asking for your support (OF COURSE IF YOU CAN) in the future I would like to continue to modify the application in the x900 but probabilities, that I would have to sell my smarthphone. So long story short: modified launcher is completely free, if you want you can help and thank you for that. Regards https://www.paypal.me/pablik01 just copy new launcher to system/priv-app/Laucher3 and give permission to rw-r-r, and reboot Remember to copy your oryginal launcher! Launcher3.apk
  10. Stock

    Everything works in my phone
  11. Stock

    Go to downloads stock app and change data connection in settings to no limit
  12. Stock

    Hello, Direct download link : http://g3.letv.cn/217/6/34/scloud-ota/0/upload/tmp/1482458743_MAX1_X900-CN-FN-CEXCNFN5902012221S-5.9.020S.zip?b=123456&platid=5&splatid=500 http://bbs.le.com/zt/eui/le_max.html
  13. Hello, can someone pull out launcher from cuoco rom and post it here?
  14. Hmm, This is probably becouse you installed the beta version. Install 18s stock and then do the update. But remember that twrp will be overwrite with sock recovery
  15. I had 11231 build and there was launcher with app drawer in 1207 There is old style launcher also app cleaning screen is in old style.