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  1. Hi, Is this android 7 or still android 6? Will there also be an android 7 version of this rom?
  2. I managed to finally get the Max-23S-2017.5.11 installed. After having installed the sister aa custom rom and trying to revert back to a previous backup which failed, I reinstalled Max-23S-2017.5.11 and now it worked. No idea why it didn't work before though. Will there also be an android 7 rom version for Letv x900 Max1 in the future?
  3. I was able to install this ROM with android 6.01: but this still seems to come with quite some Chinese apps.
  4. En/Cn

    Hi, Will there also be an android 7 version for Letv x900 Max1?
  5. I think I found the correct version of TWRP by jemmini here: Installing this version of TWRP works, but after installing Max-23S-2017.5.11 and doing a reboot from TWRP, then penguin shows up again. By default the Cache and Data partitions are mounted. Are there any other partitions that need to be mounted like System? I mounted all partition via TWRP and reinstalled again, but without success.
  6. Hi, This version does not work: https://www.needrom.com/download/twrp-3-0-0-0-by-jemmini-2/ It keeps rebooting showing a black screen with the penguin (cable not connected). Is this the correct twrp version? Or should I get it from somewhere else? Update: I ended up reinstalling a TWRP 3.1.0-0 version for the Letv x800 which allowed me to copy over TWRP backup files and restore to my old rom version. Took me quite some time to find the right TWRP version which allowed me to do that :-)
  7. Thanks for the reply. The link does not work. Would this one work: https://www.needrom.com/download/twrp-3-0-2-by-jemmini/ ? Or should I use: https://www.needrom.com/download/twrp-3-0-0-0-by-jemmini-2/ ?
  8. Hi, I installed this version (https://mega.nz/#!RVRwkYaQ!jwLugxwt-H-p_KfNTL52wwO_qMFQabacs8dEFV1DueU) on my Letv x900 (first upgraded to new version of TWRP 3.1.0-0). I used safe wipe (dalvic cache, etc. but not internal storage). Installation seems to have gone successful (no error messages), but after reboot, I just get a black screen with the pinguin and the phone keeps rebooting, showing the black screen with pinguin again. It seems to be in a reboot loop. Any idea how to fix this? Update: I also tried with complete wipe of internal storage, but with the same result. I also tried the roms 1PRO-26S-2017.5.9_tora33 , 5.9.23s_Le1Pro_tora33 and PRO1-23S-2017.4.27_tora33 , but they all give me the same result (continuous reboot).
  9. Hi, I have LeTV 1 pro x800, bought last January. I wanted to change my sim card, using the pin that came with te phone, but the card holder doesn't pop out. I tried also with a paperclip. It pops out just a bit that the sim loses connection but not far enough to get anything between it to 'force' it open. Already went to a phone repair company here, but they didn't manage to get it open either. Has anyone experienced the same issue and managed to solve it?