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  1. Try *#*#4636#*#* -> Phone info and set preferred network type to your needs. In my case I set it to LTE/UMTS auto (PRL) so it switch between 4G and 3G if there is a need (signal is stronger).
  2. Hello guys, there is new 26s purple available. Hopefully fixed Can't test it as I switched to x720. First post updated.
  3. By the way any chance to update Android Security Patch to e.g 5 May? On leeco x620 I was using 26s and 23s ROMs with May 5, 2017 security patches. I can link them if that would help to port security patch to your ROM. No idea why Leeco don't keep it up to date by themselves. 1 Jan 2017 or October 2016 is just fckn ridiculous Edit: x620 26s with May 5, 2017 security patch - MEGA x620 23s with April 5, 2017 security patch - MEGA
  4. Thanks Guys I've replaced my phone to Pro 3 x720 so not gonna uploading stuff anymore. However I will try this 26s version as I still have x620 Contact sync works ?
  5. I guess the only way is to download apk and install it manually. Moved to 23s Purple, at the moment 26s seems too buggy.
  6. Is this guy for real? Bro you will break your phone sooner or later, well nvm. Add the colon and it will work. Here I did it for ya - link
  7. Gallery works fine? I mean try to edit any photo in the gallery. For me it FC. Contacts sync bug is still there so I moved back to 23s Purple
  8. There is a newer version with some more fixes. MEGA and Source Update log:
  9. English only as all of the custom ROMs. If you need specific translation try MIUI. Ps. use eng if need sth
  10. Bugs: Gallery crash when trying to edit any photo, contact sync not working like in other 26s.
  11. Security patch level is dated on May 5, 2017 so at least this version is updated
  12. Ofc I'm talking about most recent variants of this ROM (linked on previous pages). The one Pete uploaded (1st page) is fine as far as I remember.
  13. Yap there is Polish version, Antutu is ~95kk for me. This ROM has some conflicts with google apks so take it into consideration.