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  1. Not sure how are the translations of other languages as I know only Polish, German and English and I'm using English for the daily basis on my ROMs. You need to test
  2. Pretty much yes, all those roms all based on the same MIUI build and translation is already there. Chinese devs do not make additional translation and for sure not for other languages.
  3. Omnomnomnom Looks like most of the devs works with polishing new 26s release as not so many new roms lately. I can see few already but gonna wait a lil bit longer to see what more comes
  4. That's the ROM Testing it for a few days (17.4 version), probably best MIUI I've tried so far. This guy makes some legit ROMs. Thanks for upload Pete
  5. You may want to try this MIUI if you use Whatsup. Testing it for a few days already and for me it's best release so far. Whatsup is working flawlessly (at least for me) and it's very smooth.
  6. That would be something Anyway I'm testing 26s however my contacts won't sync...Guess will back to some 23s version.
  7. By the way if I see correctly 26s has security patch from 5th January, hoped for something more 'fresh'
  8. Good to hear Maybe add the link to your first post so people can see it just in case?
  9. A second version is slightly more modified. It has built in this tool + Viper Sound, Busy Box and other stuff like that. First version is more 'pure'