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  1. Looks legit, gonna test it Any known bugs?
  2. Hello guys. Do you have issues with custom sms applications in this rom? E.g textra or mood, I set it as default in settings however when phone is sleeping I do not receive any sms. If you send me a message when my phone is 'resting' it just disappears. I would not even know there was any sms from you. Default pre-installed APK is working fine but don't like it, can't even rotate the screen while typing.
  3. So basically this is 21S correct? Which one would you pick, this one or 23S version [02.08] Le 2 EUI5.9-23S posted 4 days ago ? edit: it's multi languages?
  4. MULTI

    Antutu score was that high in previous versions e.g 14s , then they changed/broke sth so it was much lower. In 17s they fixed it so score is back. If that's what you mean
  5. Guys, I have solved it already with re-full wipe few minutes after my first post (did it in exact same order you are advising), anyway thanks for your help
  6. Isn't it? Reflash did the trick. Seems it is working now
  7. I did it in both English (UK) and English (USA) + switching all over the regions. Tried some other languages as well with no result. Will try to wipe and flash it again.
  8. Hello Guys. I have flashed V10. Is there any way to skip Configuration Wizard ? After I pick language / region it goes to "Insert Sim card" menu. It detects sim cards and when I press 'Continue' it gives me an error - "Sorry, Setup wizard has stopped. Report this issue now?' And it goes back to region selection menu. I tried some different languages and regions still the same...
  9. You sir are best, thanks! This fix helped, working like a harm
  10. Flashed it, however still the same result, battery settings crashes after switching to Polish language (didn't wipe cache). I'm fine with English so can handle it
  11. Strange, maybe because I wiped dalvik after installing V8 ? Well anyway, flashing V7 ADD did not help, so I will try install V7 rom over it and then V8 again. Unless you have other ideas Nvm. I found the reason - If I have english language everything is fine and working. When I change to eg. polish, it does not work
  12. Battery settings are crashing/unable to open after flashing V8, anyone else having this issue ? Maybe will try to patch V7 add to see what happens...
  13. Hey, can I flash only 1.2MB launcher from the link you provided before or there are any more changes you made to the rom itself ? Edit. nevermind I'm blind, there is a list of changes above, thanks
  14. Realy like this rom, great job Only one thing is I can't install Xposed. Anyone successfully installed it ?