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  1. Today i had to do a lot of navigation. Battery is now almost empty...screen light was also high
  2. Yesterday this was my sot.
  3. Hi, at first when I got the phone the battery lasted half a day. Now when the new play thing is pasted. I can use it for a hole day. I charge the phone during the night (normal charge, to save the battery life). So I'm quite happy with the power consumption.
  4. This morning I received 17s through system update. Things are running oke so far. Fingers crossed.
  5. Updated my phone to 015S installed google install and installed google calendar sync and google calendar. After this calender synchronise was working. Camera works okay. Looking for anti shake setting... Some menu's are in chinese... in a few weeks i can read chinese ;-)
  6. Oké i've recieved my phone. I had some problemes with the camera. Connection problems. Will investigate later. Big thing calendar wont synchronise with google. Does anyone have a idea where to look? Will update more later Ton
  7. I'm also waiting for my phone. Hoping to get it this week. Before this phone i had a elephone p7000, i hope this one last's longer (1 year) :-) regards Ton