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  1. for me STOCK is official... nothin more to say in this topic. Good day.
  2. GPS all good (G oogle P lay S tore too) This is CN version On 26S LeCloud dont work proper....rest is all good
  3. On official site still 20S is stock...so i think this is moded rom.
  4. This is not stock 26S
  5. Same....26S got serious problems with google play service
  6. I try last two or three roms from u for almost one week every and i just wanna said that in my opinion the best rom by far is 23S 27.04...u know why ? - best battery (on idle almost 5 days) - absolutely no bugs (maybe minor things but dont disturb) - in my opinion this rom is the best rom on CN (if u wanna get no problems with phone this rom is perfect for you) ->>>23S 27.04.17 I try your rom version 26S because of on chinese roms i cant install google things (google service stop works some kind of dc synchro dont works) but in your rom google works but still from time to time ive got info that google service stop works >send bugs to us etc. They done something that version26 dont like google play. Dont know why. Really thanks for your work and btw novalauncher still the best launcher in my opinion ofc .
  7. I use your 3th version by far is very good...but i wipe everything. Ive got all viper icons etc but i see two small mistakes. Physicaly mute button mute only sound from mails sms etc. not all sounds(like in movie/youtube/music) and on viper ive got info about update and when i click update app freeze. Maybe because i dont skip leeco account(for me this acc works on your rom perfect). If i got time i install this last ROM and i speak somethin after deep using. By far your roms are the best. Greetz Man
  8. Ive got problems with different sms app but notification works fine...led works fine too but only in green color (sad story). On "stock sms" app...led works fine same as mails and phone calls....check the notification check permission etc, i clean instal this rom and everything works fine (except battery drain). check settings Display>Led Notification and turn on all, i think it helps
  9. My eng is so bad...ive got green light but i cant change it to any color, this things only works on CM, but i read that eui is really bad bout that, so i think i must accept green led
  10. Dual sim mobile networks >>data managment >> trafiic settings > turn on display real time speed . U ask for basic things man....
  11. All different sms apps works, but no led notification, i hope they change it in another roms. Right now im happy lock screen dissapear sms changed to mood (my fav sms app right now butno led notification) and everythings works fine...but still i think change this rom to 16S modded from chinese site, for me the best rom for this phone atm. PS Thanks for your answers Sim i change this app only because of your words. One more time thanks
  12. Ofc u must change the launcher from letv to any different (nova google etc). Playstore>download & instal & enjoy
  13. I dont use Dolby too, use only Hi-Fi, and i use permission for different app and it works but only on nano sim, dont know why. I try to wipe clean stock 17 and then i write on this forum again. But its all good....permission change my stock app to any app...but only on nano...for me its succes by far...thanks for advice man .
  14. Yes, only 15S dont have this thing
  15. Ive got this from the start cant use different sms app. You use nano sim or micro sim card? Maybe on nano i can use different app...still dont know why i can change everything except Messenger PS Michalis i dont have that kind of problem of my phone...dont know how to help you