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    - Eui version : 16s - Developer : Stock + My Improvement (disable little cpu) - kernel adjust - Battery : 18h (6h display)
  2. Ok, I want you to share your AnTuTu benchmark score. Lets see the performance of your x900. I will start first. MY SCORE: 91720

    At the moment I can not donate I'm waiting to try the excellent work If I can help in other ways , please let me know <3
  4. 16S EUI (Max x900) Values Italian adjust 70% translator Download Direct Values Italian @@spzjulien.supercowz please include in your multilang patch?
  5. Stock

    Hello to all, I come from the 11S, Yesterday I upgraded to 13S, so as to put the 16S version (Android 6) The differences I see are: PRO: warms less The battery seems to last a little more (for the same app running in the background) It runs much more smoothly than lollipop. bad: The camera has lost something in terms of quality You can no longer record phone calls I wish there was the Double tap to wake but instead no I believed that the IR could have been handled by third-party applications, but nothing. It only works with their application.
  6. Stock

  7. Stock

    MAX1_X900-CN-FN-CEXCNFN5801607201S-5.8.016S http://bbs.le.com/thread-2024870-1.html Direct download BBS link HERE Direct download MEGA link HERE
  8. Vorrei aiutare nelle traduzioni di EUI in generale. Io possiedo il Max (X900) Esiste un svn con le stringhe da tradurre? Grazie.