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  1. ok thanks
  2. hi,sorry for no reply before now,i have the same apk and at home the fingerprint is gone,maybe there is an error because flashing a lot of rom,i don't know grrrrrrr ps:i want to have a clear phone,can i wipe internal storage without problem of course i would make a backup before,sorry for all my questions but i don't know what to do,thanks....
  3. yes it installs without problem,it's active too,and after give permission to the moduls i reboot,and after that,fingerprint doesn't work.... ps:i explain how i do,i instal apk,i reboot in recovery and flash xposed-v87-sdk23-arm64.zip,i verify if active and let's go but fingerprint dissapear.... yes i took the same
  4. ok but for me when i reboot,it's horrible grrrrrrr
  5. ok no soucy,i reflash without xposed,it's not essential for me,thanks ....
  6. v87 is the last as i know
  7. yes i reflash and fingerprint is there but with xposed impossible grrrrrr
  8. hi,the problem is that in security the fingerprint is dissapear,very strange things grrrr
  9. @kangburra thanks for reply but by default i have 12 MP and to 4:3 16 MP(i have x620 and i'm french),another question please,when i installed xposed,it's activated no problem(v87) but i lost the fingerprint,what am i doing wrong ? sorry for my bad english,thanks...
  10. @pete80pro how do you do to have 21 Mp for the camera,i have only 16 Mp even with self camera,thanks....
  11. hi,instal since yesterday,battery is very good,there are some bugs but it's a very good rom,great thanks for your work....
  12. hi,thanks for the work,i have trouble with sms,I recieve that half of the text sometimes,can i fix this svp,thanks....
  13. thanks for your reply,i'll try this...
  14. Hello,after two days,the rom is perfect but the battery is draining fast,40 % in one day without using data or wifi,thanks for the work.