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  1. Lineage

    ok man,thanks for your hard work ...
  2. Flyme 6.7

    ok thanks,i think they don't want to do anything about this grrrrrr
  3. Flyme 6.7

    hi,always apn bug or not,thanks
  4. Flyme 6.7

    thank you,i hope the apn bug is resolved grrrrrr
  5. hi,i think that you need to flash a chineese twrp before installing this rom
  6. hi pete,if you try to change,does it works or not because if it don't work i came back to aosp thanks
  7. thanks but i can't set apn,i have the same problem,i hope someone find a solution
  8. ok thanks,i find this
  9. hi,i can't set the apn,i have the same message of gabi grrrrrr and when i put on usb to my pc,i can't choose other than recharge,have you the same problem thanks.
  10. is it this flyme_Le-X620_wazls_6.7.5.15R.zip ?
  11. hi,someone can put mega link please,thanks.
  12. Hi @ Kangburra,thanks for your hard work,all that i need works well,i don't know why xposed works well now,thanks man .....
  13. EUI

    hi,after 2 days,all work fine but i don't like eui then i'm back to aosp,thanks for your hard work ....