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  1. MULTI

    https://github.com/cr3pt https://github.com/zhaochengw?tab=repositories Is that what you looking for?Just a little search on xda forums...
  2. It is not rom bug.Same happens on all roms. It is bcuz of Kernel and is stays like it until LeEco release complete sources...
  3. MULTI

    I found on xda that only way to decrypt is to completely format(wipe) data.I will try it when I am at home wifi to redownload my apps.
  4. MULTI

    Ah I see. I wanted to install OTA and it wants password in TWRP. Some1 know password please?
  5. MULTI

    Autor(ffboy) said on xda that he sold his max 2 and stopped development for this rom but I see there are new builds and even release so idk whats going on...
  6. MULTI

    You use release or any nightly build?Anyway it looks like development for this rom is dead.
  7. MULTI

    How to enable unlock with fingerprint? I can use fingerprint to unlock 5 seconds after I lock phone but not if it is locked longer. Can not find solution...
  8. MULTI

    which gapps use for this rom?ARM64->6.0->stock?
  9. Can I wipe dalvik and dirty flash it over 10.20?
  10. ok after 1 day use I can say it is way better than EUI.Only thing I miss is switch between normal and quick charge.I was not able to find it...
  11. Ok I flashed it and I can not find battery % show and switch normal charge/quick charge.
  12. I will use updated version ofc. What about gaming? Same/better/worse?