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  1. Please upload the best and last TWRP thanks a lot
  2. Thank you bro for your help
  3. Good day, I found a new remove orange state compatible with 20s and logo on a russian forum 4pda, i tried for some time to registre but with no results because captcha in russian language . http://4pda.ru/forum/dl/post/9360925/STOP_Orange%2B_state+S20.zip http://4pda.ru/forum/dl/post/9358545/logo_mod.7z Please any one has account on this forum reupload it here. Thank you !
  4. Its a bug on 17s and 18s Go back to 16s
  5. MULTI

    Yes tested with gmail
  6. MULTI

    Your patch does not work with me on 18s back to 16s
  7. MULTI

    Im using 16s all work fine also notification and gps work fast Only 3d performance is bad and also screen color its no good Can any one one give me link for 14s bb72 ? Pleaase
  8. I have 2 Probleme with my LeEco le 2 pro Notification probleme Scrolling lag with fb app
  9. MULTI

    no difference only an error on the site the size of both is the same file
  10. MULTI

    Le X520 is updated yesterday to 18S By @BB72TT I Think update is coming this day or tomorrow to Le X620
  11. MULTI

    18S for Le X620 ?
  12. 18S

    Camera quality ?
  13. 18S

    Camera quality is bad with miui Also screen color its no good