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  1. Is it normal? I use a lot of bluetooth headset. And in Wakelock Detector I have this stats... Stats from ~5 hours and active is almost 49% ..
  2. Ok I have clean instalation. * Antutu ~70K but phone is smooth, 4G works when you have good APN, notifications for now OK 100%but Aplication "Wakelock detector" doesnt work (I have white screen all time) and second app called "SD Maid" cant start to clean sytem, files etc. OK fixed.. First I have to launch SuperSU
  3. I want to try this ROM. Now I`m on BB72 .20s In TWRP 3.0.2.-0 should I wipe eveything before install? I want to have completely new instalation.
  4. AOSP

    Any bugs in this ROM v138 by Kangburra.zip ?
  5. This ROM has mutlilanguage ? POlish?
  6. I have x620. Suddenly yesterday my earphones stoped working. I tried on 2 different earphones. When I plug adapter with phones to phone, nothing happened. Charger works fine . I dont know what is gong on. Adapter is broken?
  7. MULTI

    yes but you have to add this aplication to SYSTEM
  8. MULTI

  9. MULTI

    try to unroot phone and next fill login and password.
  10. Where do You have information that 21s is coming??? Any source?
  11. MULTI

    I installed via TWRP TAP TO STATUSBAR TO SLEEP from BB72. Now simple questions. This function has the same effect as normal quick switch power off button to turn off a screen ?? Or this TAP TO STATUSBAR TO SLEEP has some kind of better "sleep mode" ????
  12. MULTI

    I use 20s form BB72. What is wrong with my system? .Sometimes MOBILE STANDY drains my battery like crazy... But another times everything is good and MOBILE STANDY uses only 10-20mAh for all day? What it is happening?
  13. MULTI

    In Super Menager --> Clean Junk I have always some kind of strange 2 apps. What is this 2 items??? Maybe some kind of chinese spyware?? I cant see this in Titanium Backup.
  14. MULTI

    After 1 week of testing... Notificatation problem STILL EXSIST in for expample WhatsUp. Strange because on begining when I installed 20s everything was fine with notifications....