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  1. Rom

    Did you sort it my friend ?
  2. Rom

    Factory reset, than download Google play store again please
  3. Rom

    İf you ask me in English i will answer in english. !!! They are asking Turkish it would be rude and arrogant not to wouldnt it!!!!
  4. Rom

  5. Rom

    All language İt is realy nice İ like it than İ share .
  6. Rom

    Yes you can without root. İ let you know just for 23s ,ok?
  7. Rom

    Than, if you want factory reset Never loose your full multilanguage. Thank you
  8. Rom

    Just Add to your orijinal 23s cn Rom you do not need wipe . For multilanguage zip
  9. This is original rom http://g3.letv.cn/259/40/64/letv-hdtv/0/upload/tmp/20170527190716749/LE_X2_X820-CN-FN-FEXCNFN5902605092S-5.9.026S.zip?b=123456&platid=5&splatid=500