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  1. Maybe that's because you don't know what you're doing? I use tora33 MIUI 8 7.6.29 ROM on my X900 and it works perfectly! Never had such problems...
  2. Installed fine on my X900, but after setup complete, I got System Launcher FC Errors... Can't do anything... Any ideas?
  3. Why don't you create a new account for this?
  4. That's right!
  5. You need to wait a few minutes for the process to finish... Yes, it takes a bit longer, but it works.
  6. Well, for me MIUI is the best ROM. I have Le Max X900+ and about 15 days ago, I bought the Xiaomi Mi6 because its powerfull specs and off course, MIUI. I really enjoy MIUI. So, X900+ is my secondary phone and Mi 6 is my primary phone.
  7. I have x900+ and fingerprint does not work.
  8. With MIUI 7.4.20...
  9. Le Max has been forgotten by LeEco. Great phone, however no more Updates for it... Not even the 5.9.023S is Official in LeEco updates page... It's too bad because X900 remains too powerful comparing with other flagships. In my case, I'm wating for Mi6 launch to buy it and forget LeMax X900 (64GB). MIUI has great support, weekly updates.
  10. Someone already ported LineageOS 14.1 for X900, but has a few bugs... Camera don't work, FingerPrint don't work, NFC don't work... You can find it here. The topic is for X800 but somewhere in the middle, there are links for X900.
  11. I think the idea is to improve latest release or get new release, not improve older releases when a new one is out! But, this is only my opinion and I'm not the developer... I'm sure tora33 has his own opinion about this.
  12. On incoming calls and incoming messages... I played with settings and could disable incoming calls flashing light. Just turn off Vibrate in silent mode (Settings -> Sound & Vibration), then in System Apps -> Call Settings -> Incoming Call Settings -> Turn off Flash when ringing. This worked for me. About flashing when incoming messages, I really don't know how to disable it.
  13. That happend to me the first time I install MIUI since I did not make clean install... Go back to recovery, do a full wipe (Dalvik, Cache, System, Data) (NOT INTERNAL STORAGE) and install MIUI again. After, do a Clean Dalvik/Cache (just this) again and Reboot.
  14. Can we just update or need to do clean install?
  15. So I installed 7.3.9 in my X900. Issues: Bluetooth - Everytime it restarts, it gives error. No Fingerprint No Play Store, No Play Services, No Google Framework, so be ready to install it manually. Then from time to time, Play Store has stopped working... No contacts sync, no calendar sync, Gmail error with play services. Lot's of bloatware, so be ready to install a good app remover with ROOT permissions. Keyboard - 360 something (Chinese)... So when trying to register on Mi Account to unlock device... good luck with that! Keyboard does not show up... So, no good news for this one... I'll back to 7.1.13 version of X800... much better than this one.