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  1. the fix works but lecloud service not starting. no problem good work
  2. i know that but lecloud does not work with es explorer and the shortcut for calculator as well. this rom is better than the previous rom i had (more stable, more free memory, notifications work without problem). very good job.
  3. i didnt find any adware. i scaned with avg and antimalware
  4. Thank you very much for the help with mobile data. how can i change home screen. it use to be in setting but i cant find it. can i get into leeco cloud, i have an account for the cloud and i cannot get it to connect. where can i find stock file manager and calendar dor le2 eui LeMe app not working and my leecco is missing thank and sorry about the trouble
  5. hello i have installed the rom and i have a problem with mobile data limit. i cannot change it an it says that i have reach the limit. how can i change that? is leeco account work? i cannot make it work. batery saving mode not working. thanks all other works perfect
  6. can i install it over bb72 eui 5.9.020s? is the procedure the same or do i have to do something else. is google play installed or i need to isntall it later? thanks
  7. MULTI

    long press the circle (square-cirlce-triangle) in the bottom of the phone. there will be 4 icons. use the one call framed. circle is on the right of the square used to see memory and other functions of the phone
  8. MULTI

    vibrating on answering and ending is enabled. i have vibration when call ends. with the original rom vibration on answering was working
  9. MULTI

    does anyone knows why vibration does not work on call answering dispite the fact that is enabled in settings. the phone vibrates when the call ends. when i call someone and answers the phone doen not vibrate. this option was working with the rom that phone has when i bought it. 5.6.014s custom not stock. thanks
  10. MULTI

    18s rom works perfectly. very good job
  11. MULTI

    have anyone tried 18s? what is the difference with 17s?
  12. MULTI

    where did you find 18s?