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  1. MULTI

    long press the circle (square-cirlce-triangle) in the bottom of the phone. there will be 4 icons. use the one call framed. circle is on the right of the square used to see memory and other functions of the phone
  2. MULTI

    vibrating on answering and ending is enabled. i have vibration when call ends. with the original rom vibration on answering was working
  3. MULTI

    does anyone knows why vibration does not work on call answering dispite the fact that is enabled in settings. the phone vibrates when the call ends. when i call someone and answers the phone doen not vibrate. this option was working with the rom that phone has when i bought it. 5.6.014s custom not stock. thanks
  4. MULTI

    18s rom works perfectly. very good job
  5. MULTI

    have anyone tried 18s? what is the difference with 17s?
  6. MULTI

    where did you find 18s?
  7. MULTI

    any news for 18s? bushy released it but it is not working 100%
  8. MULTI

    is 18s out?
  9. orange state is not a problem. when you installed twrp recovery from fastboot did you type fastboot reboot? you must not. try installing another twrp recovery or reinstall
  10. MULTI

    i have no problem. battery life is very good as it was with 16s. i have 2 days on stand by and only phone calls and i have 84%. when i charge the phone i dont uplug it when it reaches 100%. i leave it all night. i did thiw with all my android phones. i also charge it when it goes under 20%. this is basic in charging android phones
  11. MULTI

  12. Can you boot into the rom?
  13. You install it like the rom
  14. you can install it from recovery