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  1. Works very well, but a few questions I have. Can I install LeCloud and how? Where can I set the default programs? Can the fast-charging option be switched off and how? Thank you!
  2. MULTI

    No, now I have BB72 rom. I already Bshuy2003 and MIUI8 tested and always made the Apps, first to system-app. Works good.....for me.
  3. MULTI

    I hab the problem with Whatsapp (with 17s). I also have Telegram and have not tested whether this makes problems too. Solved I have then so... First I used this tutorial > http://forum.le.com/in/index.php?threads/frequently-asked-questions-part-ix-notifications.16191/ And then I made Whatsapp and Telegram to a system-app.
  4. Me too. I can't add an account and some things like the live button does not work.
  5. I cant believe... Do you have the tutorial really followed exactly? The V10 works great!
  6. The CDLA headphones don't work with this Rom?
  7. I didnt manage to get back on V9.1 and i now again V10. Now i had to solve the problem with Whatsapp and Telegram. The idea of Marcelo_crispim is very good. But i have used no program of Warez, this also with the free program Link2SD from Playstore. The implementation is very simple and i still can not see any drawbacks. Click Whatsapp The three points, click the upper right corner. Here you can convert to System App or again to User App. I left my phone overnight and get a message after 6 hours. Works very well.
  8. Hello I have a problem and do not know what to do. I want to install V9.1 (my Whatsapp is not working good with V10), but my TWRP writes to my, i have a Problem. Failed to mount. If recovery have any problems. I do not understand what's wrong.
  9. V10 works fine! Very good job! Thank you bshuy2003 !!!
  10. I have version V9.1 on my phone and now comes the message, i can install version 17s. When i run the update, comes much Chinese and i do not know what to press. The update logs every hour. Can i stop this and how?