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  1. Only FYI : with MIUIpro 7.9.21 I resolved all my problem I wait port from XIAOMI-EU MIUI-7.9.21 for to have also installiamo language (actually there are some problems for to flash it with MULTIROM) ...but, I'm happy : have a make final GOAL :-)
  2. mmm I TRYed also with miui 15-04-17 ycjeson.zip and my Opinion are:a) miui 15-04-17 ycjeson.zip - is NOT GLOBAL : I must to use Morelocal2 for to have ITALIAN LANGUAGE ( not present anyone of european language)b) when start HOTSPOT : MIUI restart ...and HotSpot not starting - this is a GREAT problemc) THERE ARE 4, 5 chinese app : I must to disable them notificationsand my questions : > can I UNROOT it ?in previous ROM-versione I used https://goo.gl/fREOMV ....but with this versione....not workingand....if I want back to ROOTed ..... what I must use ?
  3. but there are TOO MANY chinese app can I (and in wich mode ) : root this ROM uninstall chinese-APP ( also browser ) UNroot ROM ....or to have VERY light ROM multilanguage MIUI version...
  4. Rom Link :- https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-NRe0Xof8tILTVKb1lJOHJtUWc/view?usp=drivesdk ARE you SURE ?
  5. Can you repeat link/istrunction for to install L13? I need UNROOTED Rom I starting from STABLE 19S
  6. I think : MODIFY 1st post I arrived from x620-18s : > now I read "install GAPPS" after flash 19s (.... I see : I lost all GOOGLE-account ) need other for "normal update" 18s --> 19s ? ++++++++ UPDATE ++++++++ in GAPPS not present Calendar : not possible to sync it !!!
  7. Yes, was my error : in TWRP I setted wipe-data.… and not wipe-cache (i remember other them position) It's works normally But "morelocale2" not need SiperSU auth? I have another time 4 china-korean application.… all in "impossible language" for me
  8. Yes, but I not have applied WIPE-DATA : only DALVIK and CACHE.
  9. mmmmm I have applied update MIUI8_6.10.27@ycjeson .... now I have a problem nornally, for every update, I apply WIPE Dalvik + cache - after RESTART I have a "new" rom ( as when I applied also wipe-DATA ) : I lost all APP and data and configurations ? Fortunately, before all operations I created TWRP-backup.....and now I have 10.20 version I've been wrong to apply some step ?
  10. it is possible to HIDE pop-up "for ever" for these indications : > ROAMING > BATTERY IN CHARGING ( ... when I use USB-CABLE ... )
  11. RELAX it works also with W10 and Linux on LINUX it's all many simple ( ANDROID "is" LINUX ) on W10 : goto all DEVICE PERIPHERICAL - cancell/ninstall all not-recognize - re-start "recognize" .....but install deriver "manual" MTP-USB.....et voilà same procedure for ADB or "when in RECOVERY" ( ...etc....etc...) ------------ RADIO app (it's fm receiver? ) works? (In my house not receiving nothing)
  12. Yes it works. But, in this case I not want to see "other icon" for battery on notifica bar…. Especially when battery charging.… can I to hide/remove this icon .
  13. mmmmm when receive WhatsApp msg : have vibration (setted) ... but not have SOUND (setted) - it's very strange - must to be "modify one thing" ? UPDATE (after some test) when I receive msg, IMMEDIATLY I have a "pop-up"....and AFTER 10/15 sec (around) I can see...again... PopUp + SOUND (setted) it's very strange: if I levea PopUp-msg for whatsapp ....naturally, I not have PopUp....but I can listen immediately the sound