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  1. Any news about update miui @tora33, we love ur work, this the best miui around.
  2. Well done tora33, ill try ot when ready
  3. how about that upload??????? do we have new rom for tonight? thx tora33
  4. @Br@uliX, now i try another rom.... in all android (and ios):try , press "Phone" , you press and hold the left touch button (or settings=>system apps=>phone)........ and in "Accessibility" Curtir
  5. already try it with no effect, not even with xposed. i gona install yours Miui, i never put a miui on this device. THX anyway
  6. just want to disable flashlight on incoming calls and sms, anyone knows how to turn it off?
  7. Nice work you done, thank you.
  8. How can i turn off flashlight on calls and sms?
  9. Where is the 3th version???
  10. Please, allow me to share my daily driver with all of you. This rom is designed for the Lex27 5.09.023s LeEco Pro3. This rom is kind of different. It's based o stock China / USA releases. So, it's a hybrid rom...... or what ever you want to call it.Features:- USA kernel / bootloader (un-locked)- de-bloated- clean system- dual sim- wi-fi calling works (5.8) USA- minimum apps. everything else, you install it. the way it should be.- rooted / un rooted- optimized for speed- custom launcher- initial release. more to comeSources:- stock China / USA LeMobile kernel and OS http://opensource.le.com/ Credits:- everyone on this community, for sharing their findings. specially the big boys.- LeMobile, for creating such phenomenal device called LePro3In the pipe:- thermal system optimization- viper4Android / Dolby Atmos- kernel Adiutor / L'speed- TURBO Kernel- new Cpu Governors- new gpu governors- kernel de-bloat- sound system optimization EnjoyTURBODownloads:Rooted USA stock, wifi call, X11 (5.8.20s): https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=745425885120709286 Custom Turbo Kernel White themes now Rooted China / USA tweaked GT-X10 (5.9.23S): https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=673368273298932521 Stock Kernel Daily updates log:- new launcher (smaller, less dependencies, just one apk)- both roms works for USA / China. you can switch back and forth without any risks....- turbo ui optimizations- sound system optimizations- sound subsystem further optimized- super de-bloated- rooted- gpu rendering optimizations - camera it's fixed (due to missing dependencies)- thermal optimizations ps: faster, better......brought to you by:TURBO and Le Mobile Source: https://forum.xda-developers.com/le-pro3/development/leeco-pro3-usa-lex727-20s-turbo-rom-01-t3535907 Kernel Adiutor: https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/kernel-adiutor-mod-singularity-kernel-t3333549 L'speed: https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software-hacking/tweak-l-speed-v1-0-02-02-2015-t3020138 https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software-hacking/darknesskillers-awesome-l-speed-profiles-t3237399 Big thank's to "TURBO2012" and "XDA" for this awesome work
  11. This is an international site, please write in english
  12. Thjank's to SETEVE MARS for other great job. Hello, folk's. This is my gift of Kings for all of you: The first stable beta for developers of EUI 5.9, version 20s for the Chinese X720. As usual, I have prepared it for the European market with the same characteristics as the previous T.A.R.S .: - Clean of Chinese applications. - Play Store installed. - Google Now and Google Voice Search installed. - Synchronization of contacts and calendar with the Google account. - Changed the splash so that the boot is not in Chinese. - Changed the animation boot by Google. - Small and very light tweaks of performance improvements and battery. To this mobile I do not like rootearlo nor install Busybox to default, because it affects the payment with NFC. Whoever wants to root, installs it from TWRP and ready I have also deleted the default browser, it is horrible. Install from your Play Store your favorite browser. I have tried it a long time and I have not detected any bug, no error. It is very fluid, it seems very stable. It has not given me time to check the battery, but since I've left it very clean of applications I intuit that it will be quite good. I remind you that so far all ROMs of the X720 were based on EUI 5.8. Being a DEV version (for developers) does not carry OTA updates. Here I leave the download link, in the end I removed the account from Amazon Premium to put the ROMs: https://www.amazon.es/clouddrive/share/Vd6MHATCesJ0qGXyRECQFW64PG6F9aV6Bkl3aMCJ3yI?_encoding=UTF8&mgh=1&ref_=cd_ph_share_link_copy&tag=htcmaniaes-21 And now, for the first time (you know I've always been reluctant) I've created a flasherable zip from TWRP to update the radio files of our Le Pro3 to this latest version. I have tried it with my own mobile and it works perfectly. It does not take more than 5 seconds to install them and also restarts automatically when finished. The truth, I think that from now on I will do it this way. The ROM without the radio files, and apart from the update. And each @ you install what you like best Download link of the radio file update: https://www.amazon.es/clouddrive/share/QGhoHpKq2LwhNcTTWaSr28GgnyV9mt81U0peUJLHu6l?_encoding=UTF8&mgh=1&ref_=cd_ph_share_link_copy&tag=htcmaniaes-21 Enjoy... Source: http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=1273371
  13. Thank'S to STEVE MARS Hi, folks.Im proud to introduce you my new Custom ROM, T.A.R.S. 20s USA version, adapted for our X720 model.Official changelog:GMS Apps Updated GMS package to 6.0_r10 for increased stability & security Launcher Added badge display support for app icons on desktop Messaging Eliminated ‘No Subject’ header from MMS Bluetooth Decreased Bluetooth discoverability duration to 20sec to save device resources Camera Camera image processing algorithm enhancement, like anti-shaking, HDR etc. App Permissions Optimized display of app permission requests for the following apps (eliminated unnecessary permissions requests at 1st app launch): 1. Backup Service 2. Bug Services 3. Calendar 4. Clock 5. Contacts 6. Dialer 7. Email & Exchange 8. File Manager 9. Gallery 10. Launcher 11. LeEco Account 12. LeEco Cloud Service 13. Notes 14. Recorder 15. Video Player General Enhancements & Bug FixesI dont want erase all extra application of 20s stock ROM, but all apps I convert them so you can uninstall without any apps, directly from ROM. Are this:Google ChromeGoogle DriveHangoutsGoogle MapsGoogle MusicNetflixGoogle PhotosGoogle TalkbackYoutubeI have not root either, because root and NFC pay dont work fine. If you want root, flash SuperSU by TWRP.And included Pixel Launcher, for those that EUI don´t like, and all Google Pixel Live Wallpapers. If you have installed T.A.R.S. 19s, you can make a TWRP backup of your current version, install 20s, configure Setup Wizard, and then restore from TWRP of your DATA partition. All yours apps and configuration back again. BE CAREFUL THAT YOU HAVENT ANY PATTERN OR FINGERPRINT TO UNLOCK YOUR PHONE BEFORE BACKUP BECAUSE WHEN RESTORE DATA DONT RECOGNIZED YOUR PATTERN OR FP AT BOOT.Download link: https://www.amazon.es/clouddrive/share/tvCkjAfbvR5TrWtu5I0Zm5r9OloLguJ8Z7SYJmU27qS?ref_=cd_ph_share_link_copy Screens: Source http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=1262738