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  1. Thanks a lot,is the battery behaving better now?reading it has a drainage.
  2. I am on bb72 20s rom How do I change to this one?
  3. MULTI

    when you get to the update point use update through usb and press ok,I had the same problem did it and solved it.
  4. MULTI

    X600 had double tap to wake,I wonder why not in X620 a newer model
  5. MULTI

    Any idea on what has happened to the double tap to wake?It was available on earlier roms,now it is not unless I don't see it.
  6. MULTI

    how to make phone visible by the pc after the last windows 10 update
  7. MULTI

    Many thanks,really,It saved my day,it is working now :)))
  8. MULTI

    can't find anything on the internet on this subject,I deleted the old MTP file,now it says that the MTP file is valid and updated but still the pc does not see the phone.Ι connected it to a laptop without the last update of windows and it works.
  9. MULTI

    could it be possible to give me step by step guidance on how to do it?I m not familiar with this,now as I choose MTP says your device is not working or has been disconnected,I went to device manager and deleted MTP
  10. MULTI

    I have usb debbuging on,still does not see it as MTP don't have any access to it exept the camera when it connects as camera
  11. MULTI

    Ιnstalled 17s phone works fine,only problem is when I connect it through usb to laptop as MTP it does not see it,only sees it when I choose as PTP is there someting I have done wrong and how can I fix it? Thanks to all.
  12. MULTI

    installed battery repair..outcome,healthy battery
  13. MULTI

    any app you'd suggest and what to look for?
  14. MULTI

    I can understand reboot and warming,I dont understand going dead when battery is 43% and I tried to open it 4 times pressing the power button,it opened to le eco logo and died again,what could cause this?Hardware?