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  1. AOSP

    It is so bad to see this. You are basic part of this community and you helped a lot in building the things better. So I really hope that you will come back one day and will help to go forward for everybody! Thank you for everything!
  2. You will find it in X620 forum. http://www.leeco.re/forum/115-mtk-x20-rom/
  3. MULTI

    Write in English please. First asking before I warn you.
  4. MULTI

    @Erkan0776 @Umutcan02@live.com Guys, please write in English.
  5. x800CN

    Did you try to do not wipe the system before you start the installation?
  6. MULTI

    Write in English please. I don't want to ban you..
  7. Topic created.
  8. And @Zukerberg . We already has something translated to Turkish, maybe @BB72TT knows more about the project.
  9. MULTI

    Talk in English, and please stop swearing! Next time you will be banned.
  10. I am already translated the EUI,twice. Also, we have multilang project.
  11. Hello master! Did you include my Hungarian translation?
  12. Jbart and APKtool makes too much trouble for MIUI. For this BARS is neccesary. I can't build it, since I have no Le2 Pro anymore, so I cannot test the build.
  13. MULTI

    Thank you for your understanding! I would suggest to install the BB72 ROM, it has several languages integrated.