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  1. MULTI

    Hello, I'm using this ROM for about few months already and I had no problems at all with it, until few days ago, I use normal charging (not fast charge) and my phone usually gets from 0% to 100% in about 1h30..Few days ago I plugged my phone to charger and percentage didnt move from 18%, I left it on charger for few more hours and it didnt charge more then 18%. Led lamp is on, but phone is not charging, so I googled about that problem and I readed on some forums that its because of cable, so I went to shop and I bought new USB type C cable, plugged my phone and voila, it worked, I thought its everything fine now, but I used that cable 3-4 times and problem is appearing again, now my phone gets charged to lets say 30%, then I have to unplug and plug it back in to continue charging and so on and so on.. now its stuck on 92% after plug-unplug for 3-4 times while charging. So now I am not sure if the problem is really in cable or the problem is in ROM. Anyone expirienced similar preoblem? If so, let me know if you found out solution! Thank you -skols155
  2. AOSP

    How does push notification works on this ROM? everythin okay? Because there was issues on some other roms for whatsapp notifications
  3. MULTI

    Hello, I am currently on bb72 018 rom, what is difference between this 018 and 020 rom? Any improvments? I see that notifications problem is still there
  4. MULTI

    Can you tell me what's your cell standby stats?
  5. MULTI

    What ROM do you use? And what about SOT (screen on time)? I turned off 4G and set 3g priority, my phone have good signal whole the time I drained battery yesterday, and charged to 100% now it's 17h since last charge, cell standby is 73%, screen 10% (56 minutes on screen) and most of other apps are 1-2% battery use battery details: Cell standby use: 1 hour on screen time
  6. MULTI

    I just checked, time since last charge is 16hours, I used only 1 hour phone and it's already on 44% .. Screen on time is only 1h and it took 160mAh, cell standby took alomost 1000mAh since last charge. What could be the problem?
  7. MULTI

    Hello, anyone have problems with battery? I have last version of this rom and it worked great in first few days on full charge I could use phone for 1 day, but now after 1 week of use, battery drains too fast, even if I dont use phone, about 5% of battery goes within 30 minutes. Tried to reset phone, same problem..I dont think that battery is the problem because it was the same on previous version of this rom, it worked great for few days and after 5-6 days on bb72 battery starts to drain fast, so after updating it to .18 it also worked great in last 5-6 days and today I noticed that battery drains very fast! Any advice?
  8. MULTI

    Guys, just to let you know, after 5 days of using 16S rom I can confirm that notification works fine, even if they are user app.
  9. MULTI

    Yeah we need, it's annoying, and such a shame for good ROM, not planning to update my ROM until notification problem is fixed, ROM is awesome and only problem is notifications. Hopefully it is going to be fixed soon!
  10. MULTI

    I flashed bshuy2003 16s V9.1 rom and notifications works well for now, about 4-5 hours of testing. Hopefully it will continue to work well.
  11. MULTI

    Have the same problem, installed this rom with hope that notification problems will be solved but nothing, Im on wifi because Im out of my country and whatsapp notifications same as gmail and other apps doesnt work, I got all notifications when I open application only. It's annoying. I hope this will be fixed, if not I will have to go to MIUI rom sadly, I like this eui rom but notifications delay is a big problem for me, especially when it comes to email and whatsapp messages. I made all apps to system apps, changed region to china, did tutorial provided on letv original forum but nothing helps..such a shame for this good ROM, we seriously need fix for that
  12. MULTI

    Yeah, I use wifi only because Im out of my country right now, will see if notifications works okay on data connection when I come home
  13. MULTI

    Had the same problem, read previous page, then I installed this ROM, and I made all applications system apps and now notifications working fine.
  14. MULTI

    I rooted my phone and installed bb72 rom on it, now installed titanium backup pro and trying to convert app to system app, but it stuck on "processing", its already about 10 minutes and still nothing, do you maybe know why?