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  1. there is no custom rom for x722
  2. no it's break your phone
  3. MULTI

    There's no change log
  4. MULTI

    New update available
  5. Yeah it's same
  6. They not even release any updates for cool1 it's been a month since last update
  7. my choose is redmi note 3
  8. it's just have huge rom problem ?
  9. LETV Le 1s VS Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 which one ? These are 2 phones which are around 200 USD range , which I think is amazing for that price and both of them are probaly the best phones in THAT range of money.But which one of them is better in your opinion and which one of them would YOU pick up if you could choose?These facts I know about about those 2 phones:Advantages of:LeTV 1s+ Has 4k video recording+ Has OIS for the camera+ More modern looking phone with C-usb+ Better speakers or sound? (not sure about this point)Disadvantage of LeTV 1s:- A lot of bloatware with chinese apps and not so organized or clean OS- Has only 3000 mah battery- LeTV is new when it comes to producing phones, not so experienced as Xiaomi**********************************************************************************************Advantages of:Xiaomi Redmi Note 3+ Has 4000 (!) mah battery - for this price of 200 USD, that is impressive+ Very clean OS with basic functions, looks very vanilla compared to LeTV 1s+ Takes better pictures with the camera compared to LeTV 1s according to this video: ). In the video, they say that LeTV 1s has paler colors in pics.+ Xiaomi is an experienced company and I assume there is less bugs in this phone.Disadvantage of Redmi Note 3:- No OIS? Not sure about this but it didn't mention about it- Very oldschool looking phone, not that modern, nothing that sticks out really- No 4k recordingAnd note that BOTH phones have finger prints scan. Both phones does not have extended SD card slots or removable batteries but then again, they cost only 200 USD.
  10. BB72

    install new update !!