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  1. EUI5.9-20S original full (Shipping) stable version [Lengyu Ye] It's a beta v2, stable for daily use Update 18s stock to 20s beta v2 is imposible 【11.15】20s beta v1 upgrade to【11.20】20s beta v2 only 20S stable version update: This version is not too much changes and keep the original, only removed a few useless built-in software like you can experience only added to complete root, RE, delete, and would like to see headlines update log: an upgraded mobile operating variable card optimized for the first time entered the fingerprint is not recognized by optimizing customized services consumes abnormal optimization robot AI theme design all photographs increase switch the view mode voice assistant integrated support [my music as] increase ecological service pack application management increased configuring the application accordingly function virtual key backlight setting butler with increased user can configure the list of auxiliary function to delete the application brightness switching function one-handed operation - suspension ball features new power-saving mode classification application brightness adjustment information interception - butler application supports viewing, management themes and fonts increased sharing problem feedback my feedback update calendar-related UI optimized to increase the music depending on the user video call HomeTime music as users communicate with each other free information length supported by the virtual keys function call Flash function (in call Lane) fingerprint navigation (fingerprint and password in) [Shop] theme theme fonts free use (use: Click trial option, and then enter the System Setup - Application Management - Theme Stores - forced to stop to achieve long-term trial.) Speed display (housekeeper - flow control - flow setting) Turn to increase RE Manager (good uninstall built-in software) built three software, unwanted in system \ app delete, restart (after activation hope to help oh deleted Original source http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-711511-1-1.html Download from MEGA https://mega.nz/#!O1sDnDrI!Xj2FaVeHl21kv5OqN0--EnFHN-Ret4Vp7HJ-vmLuVe8
  2. Friend, do not abuse the theme, messages off topic
  3. New version EUI 5.9 598 https://mega.nz/#!3h8AAZza!1chBRW71zwF1yZCBbrL1xIqtqUdBg3ZneeFUZr-93eg
  4. new version of rom from ycjeson upload to MEGA in progress
  5. Friends, now I am very busy and can not fulfill the promise for firmware my custom, but I post the new version, I will certainly fulfill our plans in the future. EUI 5.9-595 Download from mega https://mega.nz/#!To1SzaKI!FuQoq25HmrgmtpgDtzGdBTmIo_Bi-RH_1xBfyV9YotI
  6. Friends, hello to everyone. The new version, I would like to publish here, but I want to clean it from the Chinese software and install Google Services and Google Store. Who supports my idea?
  7. I wrote that it is not necessary to install morelocale2, because it freezes the screen, and there is a possibility that the yellow frame is also due to him. in my opinion, it is the best version of the 591 at the moment of the EUI 5.9. Nevertheless, in the English language it suits me, and I'm satisfied. You have to understand, this is a beta test, and you have no one makes to install the firmware. we are all here because we're interested.
  8. Launcher, multitasking, scrolled screenshot, desktop and more. Is best eui 5.9 version. Work good. Careful, don't install morelocale2, is going to loop of ruining logo. Is broken method. Use original languages
  9. First post, from other developer. Now is not actuality. Second post, is actuality update
  10. Update Version 591 Download link (MEGA) https://mega.nz/#!25k22QYD!ocw-r1rEv9Z69SSHAHBUoVtR9oC5N3AUaJv161OL-2o
  11. bad news, new version is not multi. https://mega.nz/#!PlkTELCB!D087zWO2S8DskHGEJ2S0GbWExguU_0YGforPMCcPYgY