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  1. Traitors, you are jumping out of the boat! Hahaha, seriously enjoy your new device. Have fun...
  2. transaction massage??? Sounds sexy! Maybe you have different email account for contact and PayPal... Have you specified PayPal account email to him?
  3. This is normal, with this rom I've 820 processor detected too. But install app like cpu-z and you can see 810 cpu working. I attached screenshot with my power settings and app protected.
  4. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.paget96.lspeed
  5. Wireless display is not the same as Screencast to a smartv, or similar. WIDI is like a wireless-hdmi, so you'll need a compatible device to connect it.
  6. i've just installed, 92000 antutu, smooth... amazing work as always spzjulien.supercowz,
  7. En/Cn

    will be released as OTA update over 18s "normal"?
  8. En/Cn

    thanks for video Elusivo. really easy... i hope work for me...
  9. Have you try 18s? Works very fine... Give it the chance... Note: Vamos que la pruebes que a mi me va de cojon ;-) Enviado desde mi HUAWEI VNS-L31 mediante Tapatalk
  10. En/Cn

    as you said, Albertodeff link is only touchscreen... as i broke all i've bought this one: EBAY LINK X900 Screen Replacement seller has a lot of years on ebay and a lot of positives... i want to prepara a VIDEO/PHOTO tutorial to do the replacement, because i can find no one for X900. so i'll do mine and share for all here and on HTCMANIA forum too. i've to wait a couple of week yet to receive. stay tune!
  11. En/Cn

    Wishing that you release that 18s powersave, unfortunately I have broken my screen and I'm waiting for a new one from eBay. I want my super x900 back working ... Really thank you for your work Enviado desde mi HUAWEI VNS-L31 mediante Tapatalk
  12. EN/CN

    I've 18s flashed since 1 week but I can't do more 3:50h of screen, and I can't finish all day without charge. I'm really happy with it but a little bit of battery life will be great Enviado desde mi X900+ mediante Tapatalk
  13. EN/CN

    after this time, how is doing this ROM? keeps stable? keeps low power consumion? are you happy?