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  1. here : http://forum.xda-developers.com/le-max-2/development/cm13-max2-s19-umbrellateam-spainteam-t3471863
  2. I've installed this rom : ++CM13 UmBreLLaTeaM S19_UNofficial 30-09-2016++ and FP is working fine and very fast. Faster then stock rom
  3. wandy77

    Hi, I tried to install this Gapps but now i have force close on google play service.. I can't use google play anymore Je suis aussi sur l'autre forum mais je ne retrouve pas ton tuto.. Tu l'as installé, il fonctionne ? car en faisant ce que tu dis en 1) et ensuite 2) ben ça ne fonctionne pas.. Sur ce téléphone, il faut un x86_64 ou arm64 ?
  4. Little feedback : I've got some problem with google account synchronisation. (gmail/hangout/calendar/.. doesn't want to sync) Sync is on auto Play store won't download when i'm on Wifi And i have some app which start at boot, but nothing is starting ? Little problem with waze which doesn't detect gps, i needed to restart the phone
  5. pokemon go not working on cuoco 17s with magisk too pokemon go work on stock 17s with or without magisk
  6. yup ! I flashed stock 17s then cuoco 17s and i also wipe all to be clean (yesterday i wipe data from a misclick :() and still work i hope it will work for year http://www.androidiani.com/forum/modding-leeco-lemax-2-x820/511478-leeco-le2-max-x820-custom-rom-cuoco92-47.html#post7647372
  7. Ok from teamspain recovery, i can install stock rom then disable or not recovery so i can be on stock 17s thanks
  8. I bought it from aliexpress so i think is china version, in about phone it's x820 I tried cuoco v2 and v3 but always got a blue led notification edit : Ok from teamspain recovery, i can install stock rom then disable or not recovery so i can be on stock 17s
  9. Hi, I've updated from 16S and full wipe but fingerprint doesn't work when the phone is in idle state more then 5 second. I've read that i have to install 17s stock then re install cuoco 17s v34 then v35 and fingerprint should work. But i can't install 17s because of the recovery. I can't flash stock recovery (or i don't know where to download it) The only one recovery twrp working is the TeamSpain 5.8 Thanks
  10. Hi, I tried to install 17s stock but i'm stuck at step 1) I can't install recovery (from first page). Everytime i tried i have a blue led notification. Only one recovery worked for me is TeamSpain 5.8 TWRP and nothing else Can you help me please ? Thanks