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  1. I used the files from first link (DOWNLOAD), flashtool and... and finaly from step 2 the link (recovery) Now My phone says: -model number: Le X620 -Android version: 6.0 -EUI Version : 5.6.014S(Stable) -Kernel version: 3.18.22+ ... Thu May 5 19:24:52 CST 2016 -buld number: HEXCNFN5601405051S Looks it works fine but i still Can't boot in TWRP RECOVERY. I'll try a few things and i'll post the solution, if there is one. EDIT The solution was found when i saw this guide ( TWRP and Custom ROM installation ) and i used... - TWRP installer: If you are on 014s or older system: . Now I have 17s and i'm rooted
  2. No. Not at the "About Phone" menu.
  3. My phone says: -model number: k15tb_a -Android version: 6.0 -Baseband version: Unknown -Kernel version: 3.18.22 -buld number: alps-mp-m0.mp9-V1.78.1_nb6797.6c.m_P6 -custom build version: unknown So what version do i have? I've downloaded the files from the first post and the link is https://yadi.sk/d/t1TP7dIhur9bq
  4. First of all i want to thank ruhl88 and tibcsi0407 for saving my unused Le 2. You can add in your guide something i noticed. 1. We must connect the usb cable on a primary usb slot and not on a hub. 2. If in a primary slot our phone can't be recognized, then try another slot, perhaps it can be recognized. Something i propose for your guide, you can change the last paragraph so will look something like this. Unlock the bootloader in the folder RECOVERY-TWRP-14s run "adb_cmd.exe" and to register (or paste) "fastboot oem unlock" and press Enter. Then, flash TWRP recovery, in the same console to register (or paste) "fastboot flash recovery recovery_twrp.img" and press Enter. ..... So the commands will be clearer. My phone is functional again but i can't or i think so, flash TWRP RECOVERY. As you see in the attached screenshot i see that the files are flashed but i can't boot with TWRP RECOVERY. Pressing volume+ and power starts with the LEECO logo and below says "recovery", i release the buttons or i hold them a while until the screen goes black and almost immediately starts with the logo again and Chinese in the place where the “recovery” was. I want to transfer a newer version (17s) and root my phone but I can’t. Any help could be given will be appreciated. Please take in mind that when I followed your guide in step 1 I used the file “DA_PL_HIGH.bin”. Step 3 completed in three stages. I transferred everything but the files “boot” and “recovery”. After that file “boot” and last file “recovery”. I got the “OK” screen with the green bar bellow in all three stages but in “recovery” I got an error also. Thank you.