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  1. Sync contacs works? How battery? Are you planning next version this rom?
  2. Hello Guys ! I have a problem with my leeco LE2 pro X620 with wifi. Once connected to the network does not have the internet and on your computer and laptop is. After resetting the router is the internet but when you disconnect from the network is still no internet. It became a day-to-day. I am currently using rom: http://www.leeco.re/topic/2158-romx62020s12gb01-feb-2017ligera/ thought it was wine rom but 3 times I installed the system and did wipe all but it did not help and continue experiencing this problem. Can you help?
  3. Sync contacts with google account working?
  4. They are implemented gapps? And if not then what versions installed so that the work synchronization of contacts? (I ask because when I installed a different version of MIUI and used the google installer is run just google play and synchronization of contacts already and this is very important for me) Thanks for your reply.
  5. graining like experience when using this rom? It is stable? of course, it has a Polish language? How the battery life?
  6. Guys please help which version miui is most stable and multilang? thx for info
  7. I understand guide very well, but if I can install on my current version of the rom (16s) this version? whether it is really necessary to install earlier versions that are included in the guide?