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  1. Diazabdulm can you upload the App to change the Statusbar please?
  2. After testing a half day -Battery drain is high -Youtube not working -sometimes Google Error -sometimes Problem with mobile internet connetion
  3. http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-908422-1-1.html This works nice Gapps working Flashable Lecam working
  4. Why do all AOSP ROMs have the problem with the poor network reception? No matter which of the ROMs I always have little to no network reception
  5. Thx. I dont like the new Look
  6. Some apps are stuck and then only a reboot will help. Error in StatusBar If the device is set to silent, it will show you the rotation lock. Recharge sound is disabled in the menu but it still makes sounds
  7. In this Rom can i change the Statusbar to stock miui bar?
  8. This is a full download for gapps. When you need the LeCam download this an follow the guide. When you flash gapps from opengapps the lecam stops working. Arm64 is the right one for the X620