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  1. This is already a nice ROM but I'm missing the good translation. Unfortunately a bit weird for me as an Austrian if the system no Ä Ü Ö or ß can show. I then found no letters like in the screenshots.
  2. Does anyone of you have good news regarding an Android 7 ROM for the X620?
  3. Telecom Signal is low in this Rom. With Miui Rom i have a full Network Signal
  4. On Desktop Volume "-" is not working only the "+" Inapp the Volume "-" is working. Now i have Nova Launcher.
  5. The Stock one from this Rom
  6. v117 Volume "-" is not working only the "+"
  7. I have the same Problem
  8. Windows 10 would be mobile on the LeTV X 800 US but a great alternative to the Android 5. There's a link for the Windows Mobile 10 version of the Xiaomi Mi4. Maybe we brought an interested developer who can have a look at it. https://www.google.at/amp/s/nokiapoweruser.com/xiaomi-releases-windows-10-mobile-rom-for-mi-4-lte-devices/amp/
  9. This is a very nice Rom for Vernee Apollo Light. I hope we find a Dev for porting this to X620 https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/m-d-unofficial-aosp-n-vernee-apollo-lite-t3525161 Kangburra can you help to port?
  10. We should Leeco times they ask us about the serial number of the "Not LeTV" can tell. You must know whether it is from them. Maybe we should contact support the CN therefore
  11. Follow the instructions exactly. For me, it worked only so. Also had red state