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  1. It works nice. Good job again
  2. It works nice. Good job
  3. No news is good news i suppose
  4. Ok ty. It worked
  5. There is a bug in the default dialer application and i cant disable the flashing led for incoming calls. I even cleared the dialer data. I am talking about 5.9.23s_Le1Pro_tora33 Can you confirm this bug and fix it please?
  6. Ok i have installled 23s and it seems to be a very nice ROM. No bugs so far and it works fine with Blackberry Launcher.
  7. Tora33 i just moved back from official because it was more battery consuming than 17s of cuocco. That's why i am asking. I am 100% sure that your ROM is solid and i know you are good on this from our Greek forum The question is if 0.23 base is better I will test it soon but i want to know if the original ROM 0.23s is better than 0.20s p.s. Συνεχισε την καλη δουλεια φίλε. Το κειμενο επάνω τό εγραψα αγγλικα για κα καταλαβαινουν και τα άλλα παιδια τι λεμε
  8. Guys is this rom better than cuocco92 17s?