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  1. @tora33 Does the Gps work properly in this rom?
  2. Mine has good battery life. Not as .26s though, but the gps problem with 0.26s made me go back to cuoco rom
  3. I had the same issue and that's the reason I removed 0.26s. I had the same issue even with 0.26s original rom. I should mention that I make full cleanup of the phone and I don't use back up restore tools as titanium back up
  4. You don't actually need to unroot it because it uses supersu in a way that even snapchat works fine (snapchat doesn't usually work on rooted devices)
  5. @daianu Hi mate. The gapps i suggested are not my work. I just found them on xda developers forum and tried them on our phone and suggested so you can try. About good rom now, torra3 roms are very good but since i had some problems with 26s, especially with the stock rom that had messed my gps , i returned to cuoco92 17s multilingual which has the best gps in leeco roms in my opinion and i cant find why. Soon i will try the latest torra33 26s and tell you my experiences too, because i want to have the latest android security upates
  6. OK I found the link with the gapps that work better with stock rom 5.9.26s: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByfwDkwzM2n6MDVjck1VRXlZMzg/edit I hope @tora33 will add them in his rom
  7. This is my last post to you as well. You could find the same official 5.9.20s install it and see what I mean but you prefer theories instead of trying. And last a friendly tip. Don't take bets that you will lose 100%.
  8. Let's take it one by one: 1. Install the official Leeco Le 1 Pro ROm 5.9.20s from here: https://www.needrom.com/download/le-1-pro-x800-stock-rom/ When you finish if you check from the setting menu for updates it will tell you that there is a new update 5.9.26. You are talking theoretically while i did this procedure on my phone. 2nd. and most important that you probably dont know, our phone has target group China since it is the China version, and so they dont care if you cant install google services. If they cared they would have installed google services at the official rom from start. If you want to do it download the rom i mention above and then tell me what it is possible or no. But i dont accept comments for something i did on my phone while you havent tried but still have opinion. 3rd. Official rom means it is released by Leeco. The fact that it doesnt appear on their site doesnt mean they haven'tcreated it especially when the phone when it checks for new rom version it finds it and updates. Probably you have confused what official means.
  9. Ok guys. Suddenly the google play services started crashing very often with 5.9.26s of tora33. So i decided to return back to stock roms and installed first 5.9.020s and then upgraded to 5.9.026s. And guess: At 5.9.026s the google services kept crashing and crashing. So the google play services crash has to do with the official rom 5.9.026s and not tora33 debloating. I solved it by using a specific google play services file that worked with pure stock rom. @tora33tell me where i can send you the working google play services that are working fine so that you can put them in your rom if you want. I cant find the download link, but i still have the file in my hard disk.
  10. I have a feeling that the battery lasts more but i have to test it more.
  11. Look at page 4 of this thread and read the instructions carefully
  12. The latest rom that is here is very good and you can use the morelangs application from play store to change your language to Brazil. Morelangs will change most of the menus at the language you want
  13. Ok the rom works nice. It needs wipe to work. No need to wipe internal storage though