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  1. and what about the dual sim.. is it working.. by that i meant the calling function.. because in RR rom i am not able to make a call from sim 1.. the call automatically redirects to sim 2.. @tora33 dude i need your input.. hope you may help
  2. has anyone tried dual sim.. its is working and what about the camera?
  3. gps file of pakistan is no longer available.. @tora33
  4. help

    im using 17s cuoco rom.. i couldn't find /data/system/sensors and /persist/sensors/sns.reg .. but i have deleted this folder /data/misc/sensors although there was nothing in it.. rotation fix didnt work for me plz help
  5. EN/CN

    should i install the TWRP through fastboot or through the recovery i have right now
  6. tried several times.. still same problem
  7. after installing this rom i lost my phones rotation.. now its not working even on official roms
  8. EN/CN

    after installing 19s i cant go back to 15s 17s 18s and CM roms// after installing it keeps on booting the recovery..
  9. Nice work @wandy77 update the download links asap i will start working on it
  10. Nice work @wandy77 update the download links asap i will start working on it
  11. Hi, Can you please confirm me your phone model.. because i think you are talking about letv le 1 which is x600. if that so then you are in the wrong section.. click this link: Le 1 ... if you need any help just hit me with a PM
  12. then i think you had a faulty recovery.. download the recovery from ORIGINAL POST
  13. what recovery version you have installed on your rom now? go to mount and tap on enable USB OTA and connect your phone to pc. you will see your internal storage there.. working fine with me.. both original and customs roms.. i think you have a faulty hardware my gps locks under 10sec.. check the weather outside.. cloudy or rainy weather is the cause of gps failure